AITA for Getting Mad at My Husband's Compliments?

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"I’m trying to figure out if I am the one who has a problem or if my feeling towards this is legitimate here… I love my husband, I do, But every single day he has to either make a comment about how good my butt looks in my leggings or how he loves my boobies, etc… he tells me constantly how attracted he is to me. I try to take it as a compliment but I’m struggling here. I was washing the pots the other day and he grabbed my butt and it made me mad… I try to be nice and play it off but it infuriates me!!! Don’t get me wrong when it comes to sex if I don’t want to give it to him he will not try to push any further and I am thankful for that!!! but every frikking day the comments on my body!!! I just get so annoyed(especially more so now I’m pre-menopausal) this evening he saw me change in the bedroom into my pajamas and he happened to see my boobs out… he then said… Ooh, boobies… and I replied with “You’re not 15 anymore stop it”. He got offended and after dinner, he went to bed."

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"My husband does this and I love that he tells me regularly that he still finds me sexy. Is there maybe a different reason this is bothering you?"

"Maybe try talking to him about how his comments make you feel. Explain to him what’s going on. He can’t read your mind love, you need to communicate with him."

"I’m not a fan of being objectified either! If he only sees butts and boobs that’s how it feels."

"Need to find a happy medium. If he didn’t compliment you at all, you’d still be mad. Talk to him about how it feels overwhelming sometimes and ask him to space the compliments out"

"Encourage him to compliment you about something other than your body sometimes to spice it up."

"I think I see what you mean, you want compliments on something other than JUST your body. I think instead of admonishing him the way you did, tell him you LOVE how much he loves your body, but that you would also appreciate if his compliments didn’t ONLY involve your physical self. Try to approach it that way."

"Maybe you’re feeling objectified talk to him about it."

"You’re entitled to feel however you like about it, but maybe sit down with hubby and explain you don’t like it, and why."

"It seems like you’re feeling sexually harassed by your husband. If that’s the case then I suggest some therapy to figure out why that is. Is this new behavior or his normal behavior that’s just started bothering you. Hormones could be a factor."

"If that’s the only thing he compliments you on I can see how that would get annoying."

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