AITA for not wanting to spend Thanksgiving with my husbands family?

Am I in the wrong to want to spend the holidays without my husbands family? We do not live near my family and I cannot see them this year due to health issues with my mom…I just gave birth and everyone has been sick on my husbands side of the family so I asked him not to invite everyone over for Thanksgiving…and he made a huge deal out of it…


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. AITA for not wanting to spend Thanksgiving with my husbands family?

Considering everything going around for little ones I would do exact same who wants to see a child suffer with virus


You’re allowed to feel this way, as he is allowed to feel how he feels.
Someone who has no family near because being military, I would take advantage of family being near for the holidays.


As long as your feelings are true blue and his family has been sick your right. But if your just doing this because you don’t want to go shame on you. Thanksgiving is 15 days away. Everyone maybe perfect by then.

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Definitely not the ahole! Your priority is keeping your baby and yourself healthy and safe!

Tell him to go over and see them and spend time with them after you and your children eat at home.

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Not wrong !! Sick people need to stay HOME……


We are skipping the big family thanksgiving on both sides because we just had a baby and don’t want to risk all the germs. Not the asshole at all! :blush:

No protect yourself and your family

No. Your not the a******. You just had a baby, instincts are saying protect that baby from any kind of sickness

You’re going through a lot of stress right now. Cooking a huge meal for a crowd shouldn’t be expected of you.

Too bad for him, better safe than sorry

Yes you have the right to say no your sick stay home we’ll do it another weekend
Your guilt
You are upset you can’t have your mom there and you feel like everyone is thinking your being unreasonable because your mom isn’t coming.
Hugs. I’m sorry you can’t be with your mom. And I’m sorry your husband and in laws don’t think your health is important enough to warrant taking measures that would cancel you dinner.
It’s not your fault
It’s ok
Under 3 months nobody has the right to say boo about being at your house for any reason
You have the right to heal without assuming a hostess role to sick people after coming home.
He can go there and bring you back a plate.

i think it’s okay for him to feel hurt but you’re not an asshole

Nope! RSV is very real…can put baby in the hospital…maybe try at Christmas!

No you’re not!! Seriously come on y’all have a newborn baby germs affect newborns way different than adults because our immune systems have built up defenses against the germs he’s the freaking ah*!! ISWIS!