AITA for questioning the gift my spouse got me?

I’m reading these comments and I’m baffled at how most of these women say that it’s okay.
You wanted to feel like you matter and these women are telling you to just accept that you didn’t to him. Like no. You deserve to be heard and you deserve to feel like you matter because you do!
I had a 10 year marriage to a man just like this and no matter what I said it was always somehow my fault.
Since I left I’ve been sad yes but me and my child are happier not being the “problem” all the time! No one deserves to have their feelings shoved to the side. He’s a narcissist. You shouldn’t have to feel that way. Especially if it’s a usual thing. Please get out. You will feel and be so much happier even when you think you can’t.


No, you’re not an asshole AT ALL. You spoke about your FEELINGS and you were HONEST. He was offended because he didn’t put forth any effort and was caught. Imo his response was emotionally manipulative.

If you were to discuss with a therapist, they would agree.

As women, we are allowed to have preferences, opinions and voices and we should USE THEM. :grin::wink::kissing_heart:

I got vouchers for a hardware store :woman_shrugging:t3:
If they buy you something/anything then the thought is there hey. I did finally get a card after asking so my oldest could write in it for me so that was my best mother’s day present along with the items they made at school & daycare. As my partner says, I’m not his mother so should be happy with whatever he gets me :rofl: your partner did make an effort, appreciate it :heart: On the other hand get him a pink hawaian shirt for fathers day, just incase you go to a fancy dress party one day :sweat_smile:

A lot of y’all are saying “it’s the thought that counts” or “at least you got something” when clearly there was no thought put into it. Unless HE was planning a themed party to take you too lol. Especially if he knew you wouldn’t like it, he probably picked up probably the first thing he saw. Putting thought into it woulda been shopping beforehand bc I’m sure he knew he had to leave for a trip, and not just pick up something quick on the way. A lot of these ppl telling you, you’re overreacting are probably super miserable with their partners and have learned to accept the bare minimum. Doesn’t mean you have too🤷🏻‍♀️
Also the man who MADE you a mother/wife/partner should be showing you appreciation for being a good mom/partner etc. so when woman say they went 55 years without a Christmas, Mother’s Day, valentines gift it’s actually pretty sad. Ofc love and appreciation should be shown all year around but if YOU, his wife/partner want to celebrate those holidays. The man that loves you, should want to at least try to celebrate with/for you (unless you both don’t want to celebrate). I feel so bad for a lot of you miserable women.

Dude got you a gift stop complaining, many women wish they’d get recognized on Mother’s Day!

I feel like there are other undercurrents in this relationship that need addressing. This is the tip of the iceberg.

i understand wanting him to put thought into a gift he got you, but be greatful he even thought to get you something at all. I’m not one of those “expect bare minimum” like above comments says, but i do still think its the effort/thought at all that counts.

you do sound ungrateful. :woman_shrugging:t3:

Its the thought that counts!

Wait… you buy the man gifts with his own money? :sweat_smile: girl be grateful he brought home flowers AND a dress regardless of what they look like!

It was a Work trip. He really didn’t need to bring you anything. Rest assured the next time he has a work trip, that’s probably exactly what’s going to happen.  It’s unfortunate when you have Disneyland dreams and a reality marriage. I think you’re petty.

I’m not surprised if he’ll leave you. You are ungrateful. Do you know how many women who didn’t get any?. Those kinda man some other women are praying for and here you are whining about something special he spent his time and money on. You sounds like a little brat teenager.

Sounds like maybe you don’t deserve anything the only mention of your kids is putting them to bed… On mother’s Day we had my grandma’s wake and she wasn’t buried with any gifts or tokens … Just my hot take tho

Boohoo a dress… you know what I got for Mothers days after 17 yrs and 4 boys… 140 feet of 4in pvc shitter line for a new septic… You want to bitch about “shitty” gifts, I got you all bet!!

Anything your husband gets you is a bonus. You’re not his Mother. You spent the day with your children. What more do you want. Yes you are the spoiled ahole

Ungrateful is how you are acting