AITA for wanting to cut off my ex from my kids?

Nope, time to shut the door and keep it locked.

Realistically he isn’t the bio dad, but if your really concerned about it and if your comfortable with it, why not talk to the boys about it first and see what they want… their old enough to know and kind of understand certain things, I don’t think it would be a bad idea to run the idea by them first

Not at all! If he’s not a positive role model then [email protected]

Il definitely agree the mums side of the story f…him… story and drama have 2 sides this is hers maybe we should hear others side before we point finger’s

Time to cut him off completely. If needed go get a restraining order he wouldn’t be allowed so many feet near you and your kids. He can fight all he wants, but he’s not bio dad. Experienced similar situation expect it was a non bio mom never liked her. She went crying to my dad saying I didn’t want to hang or talk to her or hug. Anyways I was forced to go sit with her after that I didn’t go back the whole while my father was visiting and stay at his parents with this new woman I had no respect for I did not like her demeanor whatsoever.

Kick his ass to the curb! You will be better off for it and sounds like the kids will too.

I totally agree do not keep him in your life

Easy answer. Kick him out!

No not at all, why wait?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. AITA for wanting to cut off my ex from my kids?

Not at all. He’s nothing to your children. Tell him he’s no longer welcome around your children and block him.


Cut him. Your kids don’t really seem to care now. You shouldn’t either.

Well since he isn’t the father. I’d say yes cut him off.

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You don’t like being around him and he’s a negative influence on the kids… Time to say goodbye.
They can have other positive male role models in their lives and you can let him go before he messes them up.