AITA? Overreacting? TW

I’ve been with my boyfriend for a year. We moved quickly and I became pregnant. I lost the baby at about 11 weeks. We fought through and I thought we came back stronger. However, he started calling me names, like “butt hole”, “wiener hole”, “psycho crazy” or “sh*tter”. Not by my name, or every a “cute” term of endearment. I told him these bothered me. He didn’t care. Continued and wouldn’t stop. He also hates animals, and I come with a dog and a cat. He locks my dog (who is an inside dog) in the backyard all day, then complains when she digs. He picks my cat up with one hand above his head and asks “should I throw him?” - he usually asks this to my 8 year old from a previous relationship.
His friends live an hour away, so when we go to see them - he gets belligerent drunk and is rude and disrespectful to me. I’m always the DD and drive home while he picks on me and calls me names the whole way home until he passes out.
He’s high strung and always yelling. But, he said it’s because he’s from up north, and being that I’m from the south I’m calmer and slower minded.
I recently told him I needed space. He has not provided this to me. So I told him I want to go out separate ways. He has since told me that I “shouldn’t throw away a year long relationship over words”… but they’re words that I said I didn’t like. I told him that they bothered me months ago and he didn’t listen. Now, “it’s an easy change” and “it’s dumb to break up over words.”
Willing to change when I’m ready to leave is too late for me. To me, it shouldn’t have to come to this point. It’s also not the only problem and I’ve told him this.

Am I wrong for being so upset over the words? Or the rest?
About an hour ago, he was yelling at me that I’ll “never find someone who loves me the way he loves me.” He’s convinced in two months, I’ll want us back. I don’t believe him to be right, but… am I overreacting?