Am I a Bad Mom for Not Spending Mother’s Day with My Kids?

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"Am I bad mom for leaving my kids for the day On Mother’s day my husband told me to go out, get my nails done, go shopping and spend the day dooing things i love so i did…i spent the morning with my kids before i left and the evenin we went out fo rdinner together…but my mother in law came to my house when i was gone and apparently said i was a bad mom for not spendin the entire day with the “kids who made me a mom”…and now i feel bad…i never get to go out because my husband works constantly and we do not have the money to pay a sitter…and now i cannot get over feelign guilty."

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"Dont let anyone ever make u feel bad for having some “you” time - especially if you never get too . She jus being salty lol"

"Absolutely do not feel bad about it.!!! You need time to do things for yourself, you are with said kids every other day."

"That’s ridiculous she is being over dramatic and undercutting the generous thing your husband did for you"

"Mothers day is for the mother, not the kids. You should spend it in a way to celebrate you. I’m sure you love your kids and spending time with them, but that time alone is equally important to you having a healthy relationship with them"

"You don’t need to get with your children every minute of the day to be a good mum. It’s great you got a break, don’t let her crap bother you."

"For starters, your husband should have put her in her place the minute she said it. Second, Its not her business. They’re not her kids, she has ZERO say."

"No. That was a horrible thing for her to say. I hope she didn’t say it front of your children. Your husband should let her know that was not an okay thing to say."

"if you spend time with the kids daily, then Every day is Mother’s Day. To me Mother’s Day is to celebrate the mother. That doesn’t always mean to spend time with her. But to show you appreciate her… and if your husband is offering A self-love day, then TAKE it. Many mommas envy that hahah"

"Your husband wanted you to get out to pamper yourself on your special day. Don’t feel guilty and don’t let what she said bother you. You need time for yourself too and it makes u a better mom for it. During that time you were able to breathe and relax for awhile so you won’t be so stressed and overwhelmed."

"No you are not a bad mom. If you never get to go out you absolutely deserve to go out on your own and pamper yourself. There’s a reason that in an airplane you secure your oxygen mask first. Just like in life you can’t pour from an empty cup. Self care is a real thing"

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