Am I a Bad Mom to Go Out on a Saturday Night to Meet a Guy?

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"I’m single and I have one son and me and my sons father are not together but every time I tell him I’m going out with someone he gets VERY angry and it becomes a HUGE fight! He thinks he can control me and he wants me to play being his wife but me and him are NOT together! He’s had girlfriends in the past and I never had a problem with it but once I mention I’m seeing a guy he EXPLODES! I don’t see how it’s fair that he can go out and have fun and I stay home miserable. I’m a good mom I think and I feel like I too deserve to go out and breathe without having him control me. We’ve had this talk before and it seemed like he understood but tonight he got very angry! He even threatens to kill himself. I’m done at this point and I plan on leaving. Mind you we live together but we are not a couple."

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"Living together sounds like a terrible idea. I would try to get a separate place ASAP."

"This situation is toxic AF to be living with your ex still. Also. Not his business where you’re going so why even tell him."

"Get your own place and do you!"

"Hi , threatening to k!ll himself is called manipulation. He’s trying to manipulate and control you, sounds like a narcissist."

"Hes a controlling mentally abusive jerk. Get out go stay with a friend or family… you are allowed to have a break every now and then"

"You need to leave ASAP!!! Finds place!! Why are you still living with this guy that’s controlling you and that you are not even with anymore?! You have every right to go and have you time."

"That’s exactly it. He is controlling you. He will continue to abuse you until you are able to leave. You don’t owe him anything. Tell him you’re meeting up with a girl friend!"

"Seek domestic abuse help. Also you can report him to police when he threatened Suicide and they will come out for a mental health Eval. Go get a court order for visitation so that when you don’t live together he can’t withhold your child to hurt you. Keep everything documented and to messages where possible so you can use if for a protective order when needed"

"No you are not a bad mom its none of his buisness what you do. You need to get your own place though it doesn’t sound like a good environment to raise your son in."

"Time to get your own place I’m sure he’s always gunna have that toxic mindset"

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