Am I a horrible mom for feeling different about my kids?

Everyone has a favorite and it’s usually the baby lol… I do & my kids are aware, they all had a turn being the baby… don’t feel bad

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If you have to ask total strangers then you already know the answer

Very normal, it’s ur last child, a lot of mothers feel like this with their youngest, I give in a lot more with my youngest as well, she’s 15 I also baby the hell out of my only son who is 21 so don’t feel alone Bc u are not!

All children have different personalities and responses to their parents. Some are more affectionate
and have a bond with you that can’t be explained. One of mine was always there for me and not the others. I understand where your coming from
and you should not feel guilty.

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One of mine was more attached in many ways, the others did their own thing and didn’t respond to attention or seemed less lovable too! This is very common in many families and has nothing to do with how much attention or love you give some. :purple_heart:

Totally because he is the baby, my daughter gets babied not because she is the baby but she is the only girl with 3 brothers I love them all the same but she is spoiled all to hell cuz between 3 brothers and two boy cousins she is the the only girl out of 6 kids the boys get it tho lol they even spoil her hahaha


Nope BUT I guess you have to be strict and say no more often rather than cave in and baby him

Not horrible, but your other kids are going to notice it.

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You not only treat him differently, your other kids notice. They may not say anything, but they notice.

No every mother does I have 1 girl 5 boys I want all my sons to move out NEOW😂 but my daughter can stay forever🤷🏽‍♀️

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Trust me, the other kids notice when the baby gets babied. Lol coming from a family of 5.


Trust me when I say that your other kids will notice!! My younger brother was always babied growing up and I held a lot of resentment towards my parents for it. Although it may seem like the other kids don’t care they most likely do!


I have 5 kids as well. I love each of them differently but I love all of them equally. They all get treated the same, get the same things and etc! If you give into him more and etc -sadly, the other kids notice.

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The youngest ALWAYS gets babied!!
My youngest brother does no wrong! :woman_shrugging:t2:
I don’t love my parent less for it. I love them with all my heart still. They’ve always been there for me.
Just because he’s a spoiled brat doesn’t mean anything :rofl::rofl:
So even if your other children notice I doubt they’ll react negatively to it.

I grew up being called the Golden child , I was the fifth child and the baby for 10 years till my little sister came along .


You are going to make the other kids resent him and you. If you catch yourself doing it just try to keep it at a minimum. It can create animosity between siblings

I just had my brother and I and all of our family treated us differently. We hated each other and did terrible things to each other and have to heal from the trauma of it

Maybe. What do you kids say about it?

There is a difference between being babied and getting away with punishment. How do your other kids feel? Like their sibling gets away with a lot and doesn’t ever have consequences? Either way, it’s time to stop the babying and treat everyone the same.

It’s totally natural to baby the youngest

Everyone has a fave, and that does not define you as a mother. You love your babies that’s all they need to know.

I have 6 kids, ages 13-33 and I have different kinds of bonds with each one of them but I love them all the same.


your youngest is your last baby and u try to hold on…

We all have a favourite we just do not talk about it lol but we are reasonable as women and never treat them differently. Our love is different and we know every single thing about each individual child that makes them special and we positively reinforce that. Me and my youngest have a close bond but if i was honest he is probs the one who pisses me off the most :rofl::rofl:

Jade Samantha Williams Reece Degabriel Locia Charmaine Degabriel Jaymie-Lou Phillpotts Tia Phillpotts I love u all the same xxx


First off you aren’t a horrible mother. It’s common for the baby to be babied. Lots of women have issues about knowing a kid is their last and that can change how we act. Especially with 5 kids you have had a little around for a lot of years. Wanting to keep the baby a baby for as long as possible is natural. But if he is being spoiled and/ or not punished on par with the others they will notice and it will cause issues.

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Not at all❤️you love your kids and that’s what matters! There’s a lot of reasons you could be feeling this way. Did something happen when he was younger that made you a bit more protective? I tend to bond better with little boys compared to little girls but that doesn’t mean I don’t love them both. It’s normal!

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And wow there are a lot of scams in these comments lol, admin, you gotta get rid of these people


I love all my kids the same. But there are times, circumstances when you pay more attention to, think about one a bit more. It’s called “life”. Plus, they all have different personalities & different needs.

It might be because he’s the youngest , the last baby .

Because it’s for you more than him

The relationship between a mother and a son is different than a mother and a daughter too

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Nah it’s normal! My daughter is 12 and my son is 5. My son is my baby dude and our bond is so much different than the one I have with my daughter. However, the bond my daughter and I share is special too! It’s been a rocky road for me and her to get to this point but we are finally becoming closer. Your youngest is always gonna be the baby… that’s just how it is! Something special about it and also hard to let them grow lol