Am I being controlling?

I need some serious advice on if I’m being unreasonable or “controlling” with my husband. So I’m 28 weeks pregnant so I can’t really go to the bars with my husband and drink with him right now and my husband kind of over the years drifted away from a lot of his other friends due to them starting new jobs, moving away and starting a family of their own. One of my close friends who recently moved back to our state from another state due to her leaving her sons father has been saying she wanted to go drinking since she hadn’t went drinking since she’s had her son. Well my husband and her started making plans to go to the bar together without me… well a couple years ago she drunkenly became quite flirty with my husband, nothing to agressive but it was very obvious that she was flirting with him. She apologized to me so many times after the fact and blamed the alcohol and since shortly after she moved away and got pregnant and had her son I kind of just brushed it off. We stopped talking for a little period of time because the vibe was a little weird but when she was going through some hard times she came to me and I felt the need to help her and be the person she felt safe talking to about her problems. Well since she’s been back she’s been trying so hard to get my husband to go out drinking with her and he encourages it and I did express my discomfort for it a couple times to my husband but he’s saying I just need to trust him and I’m overreacting. I asked why we couldn’t just go to a restaurant bar so I could go with them and just drink water and eat while they had drinks and it was basically a “no” because I had to stay home to watch my friends son and “the bar environment is just better then a restaurant”. I got so upset with my husband and told him so many times that I just didn’t like the idea of them going drinking together alone and he’s being very dismissive of my feelings and said I’m being controlling and he never thought I was like this because Ive never told him he couldn’t go drinking with friends before this and we’ve been together for 8 years. Am I overreacting? I love my friend but I just know how flirty she gets when she’s drinking so I’m really torn.

I would keep an out on her, it’s weird that your friend wants to go drink with your husband. Any of my friends wouldn’t even entertain that idea, same for me with their man. If it was all together, that’s fine but to just directly ask him to go drink?? Red flag. Personally, I would reach out to her and tell her she needs to stop, if she wants to go to a restaurant bar type situation where you can all go, that’s fine… but as far as her wanting to go drink with him, not okay. She obviously doesn’t seem to care about boundaries.

Nope! When you have a gut feeling. Believe it.
First off I find it inappropriate that he would even ask to go. I would be whooping her azz for even having the nerve to suggest it! She would be so gone. Would he be good with you going out with other men? Those situations always lead to something bad. Once you are married the only women your man better hang out with should share his DNA and I mean the bloodstream!