Am I Being Disrespectful?

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"I’ve being in a relationship for almost 2 years and my boyfriend thinks I don’t respect him in the sense that, he says wearing jeans, applying makeup on, wearing wigs are all not good because the Bible speaks against it. I really tried to stop at first but this is so hard for me stop because I am young lady and I feel like I need to dress up nicely and all that. We’re at the edge of breaking up because of these things and I feel like sometimes he sounds very controlling too. Should I continue to listen to him to stop or I should just do what my heart pleases me to do. Please HELP!!!"

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"You should feel free to be yourself. If you cannot then it is the wrong relationship"

"“If I am too much for you seek less” Break up with him hun"

"Last time I checked your life your decisions. Kick him to the curb!"

"Leave. He’s controlling. I’m sure you dressed like that when he met you. If he didn’t like it, he shouldn’t have made the choice to be with you only to try change you. That my friend is manipulation. Go off and be free and happy without that in your life!"

"You & him have different views. That’s ok. It’s not ok to push his views on you. He knew how you dressed when he met you. He chose to date you anyway. He doesn’t get to now try to change you. That’s disrespectful. Leave him."

"Did you wear makeup and jeans before you got together? If so he knew what it was when you got together. So no you are not disrespectful."

"Did you do that stuff when you guys got together? If yes then he is insecure and trying to control you"

"If having makeup on is against God wishes then every lady in my church are sinners lmao… leave his ass!"

"So were you in pajamas and disheveled looking when you met? This is controlling behavior and it won’t stop."

"You be you and if thats not enough for him, boo you find a man that worships the ground you walk on for being yourself!"

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