Am I being selfish?

I’m currently pregnant, 17weeks and 6 days. I have two children from a previous relationship; My children are 4 and 3. I was talking with my mother the other day and I’m considering not having a baby shower this pregnancy, I figured people are probably tired of me having baby showers by now. But my mom says that it’d be selfish of me because it’s my boyfriends first child and I would be taking that experience away from him and his side of the family. I talked to him about it and he just flat out said that a baby shower honestly hasn’t even crossed his mind, he doesn’t mind if we have one or not. I mean I get where he’s coming from we are financially stable enough to buy everything we need for our new addition. But I don’t wanna be selfish or anything of the sort to especially his mom because my boyfriend is her only child and this is her first grandchild. I think I just need some more input other than my mother’s considering both of us don’t really care if we do or don’t have one… TIA(: