Am I bleeding because I missed 2 pills?

I’m on birth control (pills). I had my period from September 19-24th. I actually missed 2 of my pills last week, and I started bleeding on October 1st, and I’m still bleeding 4th. Why am I bleeding? Is it bc I missed two pills?


Ask your healthcare provider…not Facebook


Its normal. Remember that the pill helps keep your hormones on a certain level. When you stop/miss a few days, it causes your hormone levels to decrease (which is what happens when we get our periods) so it can cause you to get an early/unscheduled period. Talk to your doctor to make sure that you take the right precautions in order to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. I would also suggest getting another non-daily method like the patch or the injection that you won’t forget.

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Im just here to hear the answers because im not on birth control, but interested…

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Yes and make sure you use a backup birth control

Ya. That can happen just taking them regularly.
I’ve been on oral BC about six years now.

Probably. Best to take at same time everyday.

I hate birth control pills, everytime i missed a dose i’d start bleeding, my reason was because i missed a dose. Just wait until you want to get off the pill. Thats hell

Probably, Same thing happened to me when I took birth control. After missing two pills I wouldn’t stop bleeding until the one week I was not supposed to bleed. BTW it only works if you take it EVERY day at the same time. Be careful, if you’re active and not trying to get pregnant.

Sure can.
DON’T have sex

It could b because u missed 2 pills but call ur dr for guidance.

I don’t think there are any doctors on here so you asking the wrong folks. Go to the expert…A Doctor…SMH

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Wow Talk about putting it out there .despite for answers lol

Most likely. Depending on which pill you’re taking. Most of them, if more than one pill is missed it messes with your hormones and triggers your period as if it were an odd week— regardless of whether you’ve already had your cycle already

Whenever I miss a pill a always get my period again

Could be stress ect.

Probably. If I missed even 1 day I’d start my period

I had breakthrough bleeding if I missed pills at all during the month. I still got actual periods too

Even missing 1 pill would cause me to have a period.

Well I missed two and got preg

That what usually happens.

Could be implantation bleeding

When you miss pills, you ovulate. When that egg is not fertilized, you get a period. Be glad you didn’t get pregnant.

That’s most likely it.
Birth control is hormones that make your body believe its pregnant so you dont ovulate, therefore no egg to fertilize.
So when you skip them, your body immediately believes it’s not pregnant and sheds the uterine lining.
The week of different colored pills at the end of the pack are placebos, just used to keep you on track.

Most likely. I have the same problem.

Post your doctors number so we can call for you then give you the answer.

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Probably and also use back up birth control til your next period. The bleeding means they aren’t working


I’d say call doctor and ask them to be sure but it is a possibility. I know when I looked into going on pill my doctor recommended I didn’t because would put me at risk of issues since I have a disease that effects my esophagus and I don’t always keep stuff.

Most likely due to the missed pills. A lot of time that will cause you to have a period again.

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Yes, you can definitely bleed in between if you missed two days. You may spot until you get your period again.

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I bleed as soon as I miss a pill…

Yes, my daughter missed 1 pill because it fell out of her hand unknowingly. She started bleeding and has had issues ever since

When I took the pill, if I missed more than 1, I’d bleed.

Yes it happens to me too. It’s more like spotting.

My understanding is that when you take bc pills you are simulating a cycle/ period based on the pills schedule. The chemicals control your cycle. Once you stop the pill or miss a pill your body shocks itself and starts its natural cycle. You can start your bodies natural period. So missing 2 pills is telling your body to come off the chemicals and rese natural body hormones/cycles


I accidentally dropped a pill in the trash and couldn’t find it. Started my period the next day even though I kept taking the following pills. It happens…

U just need to go to the doctor. Nobody on here can diagnose u. Any kind of abnormal bleeding means you need to go see a gynecologist. I can’t see it being because u missed 2 pills.

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Call your doctor not Facebook.


It’s just cos you missed 2 close to each other, just keep taking it as prescribed and it will stop.


Yes keep taking, 2 day, 1 I. Morning and 1 at night until u catch up

I would just call the doctor and explain everything you posted on facebook to us.

Also, use alternate birth control for the next month.


Facebook isn’t a doctor. Go ask your doctor.

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Please keep your personal to yourself!!!

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Time to visit or call your doctor

Yes because you missed the two pills

Yes I’ve had this happen it is withdrawal bleeding

Yes. Its called breakthrough bleeding