Am I crazy for being so sick?

I just need to know if I’m not crazy or crazy? I have over a decade with this guy, multiple children. I left him in early summer cause he just never had or has any life inspirations, no motivation to grind for our many kids or goals at all. Drinking problem, was once a recovering alcoholic… Lots more…. Come NYE I find out my ex is sleeping with my sister in law. & I think they are in love. She’s staying in marriage, with my brother. But I’m afraid for my brother, and honestly my kids dad. What if they are in love, and her mother is trying to get her to move into my kids dads house with her son. When I asked him he said he was ashamed so he denied it, and then got busted by the husband. But what if they do end up together, and she lives with him?? It’s just not right?? My kids are going to be so messed up? My selfish heart is so hurt that they would do this? This isn’t okay, right??

I am so sorry for how your New Year’s is beginning! I’m a bit confused as to why you say “my ‘selfish’ heat is so hurt …”; because, I don’t see where you’re being selfish (unless there’s things you’re leaving out of this post).

Nothing about what’s going on with your life right now is OK … nothing! As far as what you can do regarding the current situation, is focus on your babies/you, and do what is healthy for them/you. Trying to repair your relationship with your ex-s/o with all you’ve stated would do no good. If you take him back, with a drinking problem, all that will do is you being an enabler of his drinking. For you I suggest Alanon.

Whether those two end up together or not, should be none of your concern, unless it involves your babies and what’s good for them. The only way your babies won’t be alright, is if you put them smack dab in the middle of this situation.

Be guarded with each and every decision you make. I will be sending positive vibes your way!