Am I in the wrong for setting boundries with my son?

Hello!! I am a new mama to an 8 month beautiful boy and there is a question/issue I have been having regarding boundaries with people… and being made to feel like I am in the wrong when many others have told me otherwise…


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Am I in the wrong for setting boundries with my son?

Never feel like your wrong for setting boundaries!! Everyone needs to set boundaries.


Your kid your boundaries. If someone doesn’t like it they don’t have to be in y’all’s life. End of story.


NOPE. Your Son… Your Rules/ boundaries. Try not to go too overboard, but… still: your son, your rules.


It’s your son not theirs and only you can make the decisions regarding your child. Just like his dad can make decisions regarding him too.

Wait are you setting them with your son or other people? Because other people can fuck off. If you’re expecting that boy to learn boundaries before the age of 5 though you have a very rude awakening coming.

Delete my comment and make a new post. It is what it is.
I personally experienced this… your children need to know All of their family. Regardless… a true mother would do ANYTHING, for their child… even if it hurts her own ego… Family is blood for more reasons than a hug or a roof over your head… Actual life emergencies… and in that case, you get over yourself… suck it up… then you learn what real life is like, and real trauma. she still has the option and time to be an adult for her child… Hopefully it will not be too late if that time does come about… open your mind hun… the world is NOT A PLAYGROUND

There’s no context to your very broad statement. Maybe they are right, maybe not. Can’t know for sure without more details on the situation.


Your child your rules. Don’t let anyone undermine you .your doing a great job

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Your son , your rules !!!

depends what thebboundaries are and if there ridiculous. some of you new moms have ridiculous boundaries🤦🏻‍♀️


Are the boundaries with other people about your son? If so, you’re probably fine.

Are the boundaries being set with your 8 month old? He may be too young…but it really depends on what is going on…

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You’re not giving enough information to know for sure but it sounds like you’re mixing up rules and boundaries. Boundaries are for you and have nothing to do with other people. There’s no way someone else could object to your boundaries because they simply wouldn’t be aware of them, they would just notice your attitudes and behavior.
Rules are about controlling other people and don’t work.

Is wrong to have boundaries? Not at all. However I’ve found that the boundaries are sometimes a little unrealistic and at times maybe a bit unreasonable.

This is really too vague to sit here and tell you that you’re boundaries are absolutely realistic and reasonable.
They very well could be…but…They may not be.

I would suggest taking a few steps back.
Imagine your best friend, sibling ECT…put these boundaries to you about their child.
How would you really feel about the boundary? How would you feel about the person who set them?
If you would be 100% ok with it then you’re probably not wrong. If you wouldn’t be ok with it…think about why. What could be changed inside the boundary to make it feel more acceptable?
Is there a specific reason for the boundaries that’s outside of the “norm”?
I was picky about who held my oldest. As a newborn he had one broken arm and one paralyzed arm. Anyone who held him had to be given instructions about how to hold him and things to look out for first. Not because I felt like they didn’t know how to hold a baby, but because he had complications that made holding him different.
With my youngest I didn’t have that boundary because he didn’t have any complications.

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as long as they’re good boundaries stick to them tell them to go fly a kite it’s your child but they do with their kids their business and what you do with your child and your business

Not enough details to make an intelligent comment.

Boundaries? What kind of boundaries?

Do people have to have to dance naked under a full moon before they are allowed to meet or be around your son?

Or please wash your hands before picking him up or please don’t kiss him on the mouth.

What kind of boundaries?

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Boundaries aren’t wrong… but it also depends on the boundaries… and it just sounds a little strange with your baby only being 8 months… I can see boundaries at 8 years old… but… what exactly are you referring too? We need a little more info to properly give advice…

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Depends. There is no context here.

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Boundaries are healthy, but your baby is only 8 months old so I am curious as to what boundaries you are trying to set with someone that solely relies on you for their survival. Need more context.


We don’t know what you’re considering boundaries so we can’t really help you… what you consider boundaries may not be healthy limits to other people. We need more details.

You are absolutely not in the wrong. You are your sons mom and have every right to establish boundaries that you see as fit

With covid and monkey pox around just keep them realistic

Your the Momma setting boundaries is good. You do what you think is right.

My husband mom did boundaries and and overprotective. He hates his mom because of it. They do not have a good relationship with each other. Just don’t be overprotective.