Am I in the wrong?!

The father of my almost 2 year old has me second guessing myself and I’m looking for advice.

From day 1, he has not been consistent about seeing her. I have my own place and at first he lived with his mother but then moved in with his girlfriend. When our daughter was first born, he would see her multiple times a week then it went to a few times a month and by her first birthday it was only once every couple months. At first he wanted me to bring her to his mothers so he could spend time with her and I was ok with that. That’s the only place he’s ever spent time with her and the longest period of time has been MAYBE 6 hours. I’ve always been present when she’s there with him (only because he says well you don’t have to leave, you can stay and hang out with us etc) Well he’s still only seeing her once every couple months, even though I basically beg him a few times a week to see her because i need a break from time to time or I try to spend one on one time with my 14yr old, but he’s just “too busy.”
Well fast forward to today. He texts me, telling me he would help me and take her for the rest of the weekend. Sounds great right?! If only. She doesn’t know him and hasn’t seen him in about 2 months, once again. I have explained to him that I can’t just drop her off at his house (lives with the gf) when she doesn’t know him and has never been to his home before. Maybe if she knew him then going to his home wouldn’t be an issue but she’s only ever been to his mothers house for short periods. We have went over this in the past n have even met at his mothers for him to see her, after these discussions .
Well now today he’s mad saying I’m playing games, asking for him to help but not allowing him to see her. He said why not let him take her, she’s got to get use to him and what better way.
Am I wrong for not wanting to just drop her off at his house when she hasn’t seen him in months and has never seen him consistently. Each time we meet at his mothers, our daughter doesn’t act like she recognizes him, kinda keeps her distance and seems like she doesn’t know that’s dad. I told him see her consistently and let her get to know you then I’m willing to let you take her to your home. Now he’s putting the blame on me saying he tried to help me by taking her for the rest of the weekend but I’m not allowing him to see her.
Am I in the wrong? Would you just drop your child off with their father if the child didn’t know them? I’m definitely not trying to keep her from him and only want to do what’s best for her. Help!!

I would tell him that the only way that will happen is if he makes more of an effort. I wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving her with him when she acts like that. He needs to make the effort to spend more time with her so she knows who he is & then you’ll make the effort to let her stay. I would start with the park, or at the moms house like you said you’ve done. Then once she gets used to seeing him then make the visits at his house, meet the girlfriend so you can both get your vibes from her/ the environment then it’ll lead to sleepovers. But yeah, with her acting like that with just regular visits I wouldn’t right now.