Am I in the wrong?

My husband and I have 4 kids. 2 are mine from previous relationship 2 are his from previous relationship. we don't share any kids together. I have my 2 full time except for when their dad gets them on the weekends. sometimes he has 1 of his 4 days a week 2 of those days being the weekend, the other of his is grown. well its been months since we have had alone time with no kids. so I asked if we could have a weekend alone this weekend meaning no kids. mine will be at their dads so that just leaves his and I wanted him to let her spend the weekend with her mama for one weekend. so cutting 2 days from his regular schedule with her for just one weekend and so he is upset bc he says I get to see my kids if he sends his off he don't get time with her. but when we have her I have her more anyways. am I wrong for asking for alone time for just one weekend bc I believe our relationship is just as much a priority as the kids are? bc we need to be a whole us and the kids and if we only spend our days doing for the kids and not each other ever then we will never last so what's yalls opinion am I wrong or what should I do ??

I don’t think it’s wrong. Spending time with your children is obviously important but so is maintaining your relationship