Am I in the wrong?

My ex and I were together almost 10 years, for the last 2 we’ve been separated but still been intimate. We share a 7 year old daughter. This year while we were trying to start working on things, I got dropped out of the blue and he told me he started dating this girl. I was ok with it at first while we had previous discussions of us not bringing other people into our child life right away until we know it’s serious. That was a BIG thing for me especially but, unfortunately that’s not how it played out. He claims he “accidentally” introduced this girl to our daughter because she showed up while there was a miscommunication between them while my daughter was there. She met my daughter and I didn’t find out till days later. I was upset but told him I would like if she wasn’t around until I met her personally. He refused because he said I didn’t need to meet her. I voiced that I would feel more comfortable because I just wanted a name to the face, I want to know who is going to be around my child in case of an emergency. Earlier this year he and my daughter got into a serious car accident just the two of them where he should’ve been taking by ambulance but refused. I kept referring to that situation in case it happened again and if this person was to be left behind with my child I could at LEAST know the name and face. He still refused, fast forward to months later he’s still in a relationship with this girl but we slept together. I know boundaries were crossed and we agreed we wouldn’t do it anymore. He told her and they broke up. While broken up they reminded friends, one day while I was over at his house I overheard them arguing and she said disrespectful things about me and I was shocked. I told him if he’s thinking about repairing things with him I’m fine with that but, I didn’t want my daughter to be around somebody that disrespected me and said ugly things about me. He never addressed the situation with her and never asked her to apologize for the things she said about me. When him and I slept together I owned up and apologized on my end and still got ugly hateful things said to me. They’ve been broken up STILL & on Halloween, he told me the day of she was gonna be there. My daughter voiced to me she was upset and her dad ruined her Halloween so they called it quits again. Now, they’re trying again and her dad thinks I’m being a jerk still for asking for an apology for what she said about me. I voiced idk how he can allow somebody to disrespect the mother of his child and be okay with showing his daughter that’s ok. Am I wrong? How can I go about the situation further?

Heck no you aren’t in the wrong. That is completely understandable to want to know the person in the first place. Then for her to bash on you and him allow it no I don’t care if that girl is a millionaire and has the best game ever. No one should bash on the child’s parents and be allowed near them. Especially when you haven’t met this person.