Am I in the wrong?

My kid’s father and I have been together for ten years today. I have been on disability for 8 of those years. He has worked a total of maybe five, if I’m being generous. He has cheated and lied and gone to jail, and through all of this, my income has kept this family, which includes our two kids, now afloat. His problem is that I don’t have a job. He says I’m not doing anything to elevate this family because he has a job and is working now. We both got stimulus checks. I bought us a car so he could get his license and a job which he did. He gave me no money for it at all. I don’t even drive anymore. I am not on disability for no reason. I legitimately have anxiety and agoraphobia, which he knows. I barely leave the house as it is. But if I give up my disability, we can’t afford our house. I pay the rent and bills. He contributes, but his money mostly goes to the car insurance, which is super high because it’s his first car and his first license, which also means he beats the car down. He has had to change the brakes three times in a year and a half because he is so tough, but I am the problem because I don’t have extra money to give him when he needs to fix something on the car. What do I do? Am I wrong? Am I not doing anything to help my kids? My kids seem to be thriving. They got straight A’s two days ago. They are super healthy. Please help me