Am I justified for my anger or just being extra?

My daughter is in first grade and her father works days(and has an on call phone) and I work nights. I also have a baby who is almost a year old. Her dad doesn’t agree with her in daycare and I told him if I was breast feeding her then I’d be working less and he would have to pay the rent and bills. Fast forward to now, he pays the rent and bills but I only get to use the money I make at work cause he covers everything else. I only work 3 nights a week serving. Now that the baby is older I have been trying to work more evenings. 4-5 nights a week, for Christmas, gas, house essentials, kids, and myself, I also have really Old court fines I need to pay off in the next month.

Well she isn’t going to be able to be in daycare until January at the earliest because of the lack of availability… and that’s when I’m going to school….

I’m already mad cause ive had many conversations with him about my older daughter (6) who won’t go to sleep until I get home and make her. I get mad that he doesn’t enforce her going to sleep and he plays video games with the baby in his game room while my 6 year old just watches tv until I come home and make her go to bed. Also she has barely been doing homework this year because I have had a new baby that I’m adjusting to.

Am I wrong for being mad after talking this over with him again and again. Should I be doing something different? I feel like I’m always mad cause I’m always cleaning, cooking, running errands, or working, and he’s just smoking weed and gaming away….
Granted he pays all the bills and rent. Am I justified for my anger or just being extra ?