Am I not making enough milk?

My 3.5 month old has been cluster feeding the last few days but also seeming very uncomfortable at the breast. Popping on and off, squirming, biting and pinching me Am I not making enough milk? She has a ton of wet diapers and poops at least once a day usually. EbfMy boobs hurt and she is just so upset the last few days


My 4 month old has started doing that as well. I have to take him to room where it’s just us and away from distractions. I will sing to him to help him calm down.

That’s normal she is sending the proper signals to your body that she wants more….the soreness is your body starting to make more things will level off soon for a bit then when she’s ready for more this will happen again……it’s a cycle it will be similar when she cycles down at about 1

Cluster feeding is totally normal. As long as baby has plenty of wet diapers throughout the day there is nothing to worry about

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My baby is 1year is 6 months. Still pinching and squirming. The biting is because your babys teething.

My 10 week old started to squirm like that during some feeds I think it’s gas I keep her up and burp her more or take her off completely to calm down then she becomes less figity. But the cluster feeding is normal shouldn’t last more then a few days mama.

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Cluster feeding and frustration that the milk isn’t coming out fast enough are both completely normal. They have plenty of diapers, you’re fine, it’s a phase (that will be followed by either a growth spurt or development milestone)


What did your ob say when you ask

Try doing the bottle then it’ll benefit u both

There’s a massive growth spurt at 4 months. My girl was like that as well. As long as you’re having plenty of wet diapers you should be all set

Make sure baby / you don’t have thrush . It’s easy to get and it’s quite painful for baby when they suck .

It could be she is starting to notice her surroundings, something in your diet, gas, or also she is getting your supply up more as she will be going into a big growth spurt soon.
I had to cut out onions and peppers with my last one as they gave him gas and upset his tummy.

Cluster feeding at that age is normal they hit a growth spurt around then, baby is sending all the messages to your body what they need

Have you recently changed YOUR diet?? Flavors from food you eat or any vitamins/supplements/medications you take can directly affect the taste of your breastmilk. Baby may not like something you’re ingesting.

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