Am I over reacting about this situation with my landlord?

I texted my landlord to let them know that the dishwasher wasn’t working and has a leak when it’s running(mind you since we moved in we told them it didn’t work and water was sitting on the bottom and won’t drain, they said “that’s normal”) so she texted me back and said that John her partner would be over in 20-30mins, but that he wasn’t feeling go so to please put our dogs away. I told her if he wasn’t feeling good, I cannot have him over here, not with me being pregnant and my toddler, I can’t risk anything with this virus going around. So she called me and said, “he’s not feeling good is due to his diabetes, kidney, and liver failure, his immune system is just always compromised,” and I said yes EXACTLY why I could not have him here!! Not to mention he’s in his 60’s and she is a flight attendant that JUST got back today from out of the country!! So after I told her no, he decided to show up anyways with gloves and a mask with his son, I told him I’m not letting you in I already told your partner that i could not have you here with you being sick. He threw his hands up at me like eh yeah yeah whatever your stupid and walked off to just sit in my driveway!! I am so upset for man,y reasons one, please don’t just show up at my house without a 24-hour notice. Two your freaking sick right now, and there’s this crazy virus going around how dare you!! Am I overreacting here??


You asked for something to be fixed…do you want it fixed today or never? Honestly… But as for him being sick i understand! Get over your 24 hour bs keep your apartment clean you wont need a 24 hr notice.


I will say this… he had gloves and a mask on.

What’s the problem?

You called and wanted your dish washer fixed? Great timing lol.

Then when he shows up with a MASK AND GLOVES ON you are rude to him?


I mean if it’s not a right now issue and it’s been like that since you moved in you shouldn’t have even texted him just say something when you pay the rent, I could see why he’s upset he’s high risk for this virus going around and he drove to help and then you told him to leave. Everyone in stressed out and going crazy inside. Let’s us just breathe

If you text about a problem they tried to fix it. You cant complain they didnt fix it because you didnt let them try (not that you didnt have a valid reason, but it isn’t an essential service, imo. I have a dishwasher I dont use. )

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You WAY overreacted. His sickness was not virus related. You called because you wanted your washer fixed. He took extra precautions with a mask and glove to make you feel safe. He dropped everything to quickly come to your house, and you treated him like dirt. He did not need to give 24 hours in this case.


Maybe should’ve figured something out so he could’ve been there when you weren’t. You should’ve Been more vocal. I’d be more nervous about how they’re going to react after this whole situation is over. Don’t be surprised to find an eviction notice


U did the right thing


They should send a licensed plumber out of courtesy… (granted if he was healthy, I wouldn’t see a problem with him fixing the issue).

However… you never know. Especially right now!

You need to look up your tenant rights for your state. Each state has guidelines for landlords.

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Seriously- you protect yourself and your toddler! He should give you 24 hrs notice and not be sick!! What a twat for putting you & your family at risk. :100: yesss

Call that sick man and apologize for being at bit crazy. Done


Hand wash the dishes and there wouldn’t even be a problem 🤷🏽


No. They sound like uneducated selfish assholes. :roll_eyes:

Not over reacting at all. Also Try checking the filter in your dishwasher. A lot of times they get so clogged with left over food that they don’t drain properly

Definitely not overreacting!

You told them you had a problem. :woman_facepalming:t4: they came to fix it smfh

This is why I haven’t told my landlord about our messed up door. First it happened in the winter and he never comes out when it’s “cold”, so I wait until it gets warmer and now I don’t want him over at all because of this stuff. And I’m sure he would think it’s still too cold anyway.

You should have thought about this before you called about the dishwasher. They are frustrated with you because you called about a complaint only to not want to have it fixed. They are clearly trying to take precautions, as are you. Sounds like you just need to get back on the phone with the lady and talk things about in a clam, rational manner.


If you didn’t want someone to come fix it with what’s going on why wouldn’t you just wait to tell them it’s broken? Im assuming you knew his age and his health problems before calling today?


Your in the wrong. Hand wash your dishes

The 2r hour notice requirement only pertains to unscheduled maintenance or inspections not if you call and request service
Don’t want people over right now?
Don’t call for service
WISH our landlord was as responsive as yours


Nope. Hes sick so he better stay away , plus you told him not to come over.

Good momma you did right! Landlords are to give at least 24 hours notice as it is your home as the renter.

I just went through something similar and apparently the only “rights” we have pertaining to this would be to video the entire encounter, ask him if he’s been exposed or out of the country(useless imo because we’re all “exposed” at this point and ppl don’t even know their sick, just so many reasons🤦‍♀️) and you can take his temperature. If he has a fever, he shouldn’t be “working” anyway but if not, nothing we can do🙄 And in my case, I definitely reported my maintenance issue a long, long, long time ago and there’s actually numerous issues but for whatever reason, they decided to finally actually respond but still only to the bathtub, ignoring at least 4 other issues that are considered bigger issues. Being a tenant sucks and my shitty housing situation boiled right over into this virus and it’s terrible but our experience this past year has basically taught us that we can’t do much beyond suing them, which doesn’t help me not 1 bit in my current situation fr and things seem to be set up in favor of whoever is the shittiest rather than what’s right or wrong. It’s really sad honestly.

Yes considering she said it was due to other reasons and not being sick with flu like symptoms.

I don’t even like dishwashers. Even when I had one I always choose to hand wash. And I don’t see why you are mad about a 24 HR notice when you called him and you were told he would be there 20-30 min. And if you are concerned about anyone entering with this virus going around probably wouldn’t call about it until it’s safe again.


I understand your protecting your family, however, if you knew the circumstances of her job and her husband’s condition, I’m not quite sure what you expected to happen. Sounds like he came protected to help you out when he wasn’t even feeling well in the 1st place. I dont blame him for being pissed.

You’re not over reacting but why ring him in the first place, wash your dishes in the sink :roll_eyes:


You could have let them know there was a problem, and asked for it to be fixed, once it is safe to do so. Hand wash your dishes in the mean time! Seriously, dish soap and washcloths or sponges still do exist!

I dont get it, why cant ANY POST have genuine nice advice ?? Figures someone always has something rude to say. The harsh judgy comments, why am I not surprised?

My la.d load never does any the g we sit months with the same problem so I think yes at least your land lard is willing to come fix things sick and all just take all the proper prosecutions and be glad you have a landlord that is willing to help even whe he is so ill

Just keep in mind if the leaky dish washer causes further damage and he came to fix it you refused him to enter the property you can be held responsible for damages. I’m in Arkansas where landlord can show up unannounced and do a home inspection or whatever he wants with no notice. Ours lives 2 hours away so we try not to bother him unless it’s a have to. An no way would we with all that’s going on especially over a dishwasher when we could just hand wash the dishes. …

He took all the precautions so I would have let him in. Yes over reacting. Stand 6 feet from him is what is called for. I understand the traveling deal but you complained about dishwasher he came to fix it. Wash by hand I guess.

I sent think your over reacting. If he sick he shouldn’t come over it’s not a just dont be around the area he’s working situation, this virus will spread by touch if he were to have it anything he touches could be contaminated and not knowing what he touches or where he may have coughed will lead to spread!! It is safest to not let anyone into your home!! If you were to have not contacted you landlord and the leaking from the dishwasher causes damage the landlord could put that on you for not notifying her that the dishwasher is getting worse and now leaking(where as before it wasn’t working right but wasn’t leaking). So yes she can wash the dishes by hand but she is still responsible for informing her landlord of the situation. The landlord should not have sent a sick person to try and fix it. The landlord should have said ok when things settle down someone will come look at it until then please do not use the dishwasher. See how easy that is, tenant is being responsible and informing landl,ord and landlord is being responsible and respectful in finding a temporary solution and a longer term plan.

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Ah, what did you want to happen when you reported again the DW still wasnt working? Ask them if you can get it repaired and have the cost come off your rent at a time like this.

It’s hard because it’s their property so they have a right to fix things like that especially since you are the one that called. I don’t see how they can fix it because anyone they call could also be sick and not even know it. You probably shouldn’t have called as long as it wasn’t causing any damage to anything else.

Wash your dang dishes in the sink. Quit bitching damn why you gotta make it harder than it is. You made the call during this virus stuff. You wanted it fixed he came to fix it. Now you complaining about them showing up. Freaking stupid you could have just not been lazy and wash the damn dishes in the sink. Since you knew the dishwasher was broke. While this stuff is going on.

Yes!! Call and apologize

Anyone that comes to your house can be sick, with or without symptoms. If you complained, they probably wanted to get it done so you wont be bothering them

Lol your asking for drama do you want it fixed or not :roll_eyes:

No not over reacting at all I would not have let him come in either… you are pregnant and have a toddler after u said never mind he should not have came anyways … and to call u stupid?? He is the one that seems a little stupid, it’s just a dishwasher… don’t ever second guess urself when it comes to your families health!!!

So, what did you want them to do when you told them the dishwasher wasn’t working? If you’re not happy to have them come and attempt to fix it, how else is this problem going to be resolved?

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Wash the dishes by hand ffs till this nightmare is over you want it fixed every person that comes to your door is at risk as you don’t know we’re they have been stop been a drama queen and buy some fairy

I dont think you’re overreacting at all you told your landlord because as a tenant you’re required to inform them of any issues you asked her not to send him round he shouldn’t have come I wouldn’t have let them in either

So if you’re pregnant and don’t want him in your house why would you call and say it’s broken and ask for help then???
Wash them by hand. Waste of his time if you ask me

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I am a landlord and 100% on your side are they just dumb or what!? Like helloooo

A bit yes.
If they want to come to the house on their accord they have to give you notice.

You made a maintenance complaint, and they’re trying to deal with it.

I get the being him feeling unwell is a scary thought, however you should have made them aware and then state with the current situation you’re happy to hand wash for now until lockdown is over


So you called and complain about your dishwasher not working and than complain about them sending someone over to take a look …what did you expect to happen when you called


You shouldn’t have complained about the dishwasher. The landlord doesn’t have to give you 24 hour notice if hes doing maintenance or fixing something that you called and complained about. It makes no sense. You called him to complain that it doesn’t work, so obviously hes going to come over.


He’s either a Democrat or works for the government

I think if you dont want someone in your home right now because you dont wanna be sick, you should have waited to contact them until this was over with.

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Out of all of this, what bothers me is having water just sitting there. Can you block the hose so water doesn’t collect there? Are you certain the water isn’t leaking onto the floor? Over time that water can become a bacterial risk.

Make arrangements to be gone then clean very well with bleach or Lysol using all precautions

Don’t complain if you can’t handle the consequence. Landlord is just trying to do his job. I just don’t get it. Common sense people

Knowing she is a flight attendant and just came back today, you shouldn’t have texted her to have him come over to begin with.

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Maybe you should have waited until this is over before calling your landlord about a broken dishwasher. IMO, you brought it on yourself by calling now instead of waiting

Definitely not! Maybe it would be better if people stayed in

So why did you message them asking for help about the dishwasher?

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1 landlord would appreciate your effort to protect yourself and people like her partner
2 he got told to go there by his nagging wife to do because you ruined her day or moment.
3 your house your rules. You told her nevermind and she still sent the under the weather partner with a child!!!

Yeah, calm down a little. Just don’t use the dishwasher for a while. That won’t kill you!

Some of y’all are killing me. There is some serious ignorance in hear about chronic health issues. Not feeling well due to chronic, non contagious, is not the same as being sick with something communicable. You aren’t going to catch kidney disease or diabetes. I think she completely overreacted and her overreaction was based on ignorance and paranoia.

You basically asked them to come fix it though…

I’m sure she did that on purpose… he didnt wanna do the work in the first place. Knowing your position. It was the easy way out

Wash the dishes yourself how hard is that

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Why ring them and tell them if you don’t want anyone to come fix it. Wether someone is sick or not they could be carrying the virus. So why risk your households health,just hand wash your dishes. Also pretty nice that your landlord was willing to out himself at risk even though he has a compromised immune system. you should of been grateful. Lastly, Google your dishwasher brand and see if you can sort the fault yourself, otherwise as said earlier, just hand wash, it not a major in the grand scheme of things.

I think your overreacting. You started it by calling about the dishwasher but then say you don’t want them there? If you knew the landlord was a flight attendant, then why bother if your worried about exposure?

Like you can’t hand wash the dishes til the virus hype is over? If you don’t want him in your house why ask him to come fix it lol god you people are dense.

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Yes you’re over reacting… unwell from diabetes and liver function can not make you or anyone else sick…