Am I overreacting about a girl my ex knew reaching out to me?

I’m just wondering if I’m overreacting. My ex and I were together for a very like time, almost 10 years to be exact. He did me so dirty, pretty much broke up due to his own insecurities, and was pushing it off on me like I was the bad guy. He eventually packed up and moved to his mother’s basement, leaving me to pay all the bills despite his name being on the lease. But that’s a whole other story. We do co parent, but everything is his terms and conditions. We didn’t talk really at the beginning of the break up, but we have started hanging out again and he initiates it. As much as I’ve tried not to be that girl, we still end up hooking up. Well, he is also entertaining a ton of other girls and then telling me he’s not and wants to work things out. Blah blah blah, well, a girl added me on snap after we matched as friends through Facebook dating. We talked a lot and agreed to meet and hang out. Things turned weird quickly. Turns out my ex matched with her in dating, and they have messaged back and forth. She said they never hung out or hooked up. But, I was curious as to what made her want to be “friends” with me. They were also friends on Facebook and he gave her his cell number, so as far as Facebook goes if there are pictures of me on his page still, she would know who I was. I told her I felt weird, she immediately blocked him, and told me she had no idea, and wants us to be friends. I feel super weird like she sought me out. Just need advice on how to handle this. It’s unfortunate because we meshed really well, but it’s really giving me stalker vibes.


Most of the time, when there is drama in your life it’s because you opened the door and invited it in.
Move forward. Stop hooking up with your ex. Don’t date if you’ve still got emotional work to do because of the break up. Get a court order in regards to custody/visitation agreement.
Pay your bills and keep your nose clean.
Move on.


I would be polite but distant. Why bother making friends if it’s this hard off the bat?

She’s stalking you . And he’s involved in it . Run from both of them . Sounds like she is just his type . He is controlling you and she is helping him .

Stop talking to her and quit hooking up with your ex, you wouldn’t be in this position if you weren’t hooking up.


Runnnnnn that woman is nuts and stalking you!! For what reason, I have no clue…just weird

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Kinda does sound like stalker vibes. I would stop talking with her and find other friends…

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Sounds like the plot of a lifetime movie, I would just end things her.

Plot twist, your ex is trying to have a threesome and turned her on to you.

Go to court, file for custody and child support!!!

Dont you watch spy shows? your being worked, and not to be paranoid but the outcome of this interaction will be looked back on with regret

The only one using you…is him.


Not a chance. Too many coincidences.

Ever watched Jane the virgin? lol there was a weird stalker girl just like that. Move on… from both. You’d be doing yourself and your kids a huge favor.

my instincts have never steered Me wrong… Id trust yours too.


It’s time to move on from this joke of a relationship. This man does not respect you and he likely never will!!

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Follow your instincts on this. He’s putting her upto watching you. Tell her something false. I bet he reacts in some way.

Also stop letting him have his way 100% of the time. Get a visitation schedule ordered by the court. Detail it with what each party will do. Compromise. He doesn’t get to run your life.

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Stop letting him use and disrespect you. Set some boundaries for yourself and don’t allow anyone to cross them and make people respect you. Run she is stalking you and has motives tryna find out about you and probably doing it bc something more going on with him. Lastly always always always trust your gut feelings don’t question them. You’re smart your feelings are valid