Am I overreacting about this situation with a girl my husband works with?

So I have a problem, and I need advice. About a year ago, we were at a festival my husband’s co-worker comes and gives him a full-body hug. Which to me, is inappropriate, but ok, I let it go. So a couple of months later we are at my husband’s company party. My husband goes to talk to this same girl and a couple that is at her table. I get the kid’s tokens done, and we go up to the table to get my husband. The girl then tells me very rudely, “who are you?” My husband says nothing and then doesn’t believe me until my daughter tells him about it. Then he chooses to acknowledge it. So fast forward to a year later. He still works with this woman and took a cup order for her. When I first asked him who the cup was for, he simply said someone at work. I feel like he knew it was gonna bother me. Am I overreacting?

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