Am I overreacting or do I seriously have a reason for being mad?

My boyfriend of 10 months will leave and sometimes not come back all night or be gone for days. He’s always saying he’s working on our other house but when I go there barley any progress is made or he’s just there hanging out with his buddies, drinking. Sometimes I can’t get ahold of him at all. Sometimes he says he just wants to go out and have fun. I’m 8 months pregnant and have two kids already. When we got together I was straight up with him on what I will and will NOT tolerate. Our relationship was amazing at first and now it’s come down to me being home all day and night alone, with no calls or texts. And I’m quite sick of being alone. When he does come home, he gets up early and just leaves without telling me what he’s doing or how long he’s going to be gone, he refuses to fix my vehicle and tells me I need to let him have fun because that just ‘who he is.’ But an invite would be nice every once in a while. I’m talked to him about this calmly and also not so calmly, neither has worked. It’s getting old and exhausting. Especially after I sold my house and moved in the middle of no where in his house. I want to pack my kids and their things and leave so badly but once I think about it, I don’t want to over react. At this point I think I have a right to be mad. Because I don’t want it to be like this when the new baby comes. I don’t have time to worry about where he’s at or what he’s doing because I have kids to take care of.

I would be mad, especially being pregnant. He wants to act single then make him single. There’s no reason why he should be acting like that, or not coming home at night. A single call or text is not hard to do. You deserve way more then that. If it were me I would pack all your things and go somewhere else. Once he calls to see wtf is going on I would be like “ohhh so now you want to call me” that’s just me being petty, but you did tell him what wouldn’t be tolerated and I’m sure this behavior is in that list somewhere. You deserve more & to be happy love :two_hearts:

I have been there done that. And they were being unfaithful every chance they got

I’ve been where your at and he was cheating and doing drugs and he would hit me everytime so I ended up leaving he would leave me home all the time or drop me off at my parents and wouldn’t come back for days I would say leave now its not going to get better

Seems like he just wants to do what he wants without any regard for you or your feelings. I would leave because if I’m gonna be lonely in a relationship, might as well be lonely all by myself. You have kids and you want them to have someone they can look up to, this is not behavior of someone that can be looked up to. I understand you love him, but if you have already talked to him and nothing has changed it is time to make the change happen by leaving.

Leave. You said you already have a good reason to be mad so actually believe how you feel and leave. The reality is, he’s trapping you by not fixing your vehicle. This is classic abuser/narcissistic behavior. He does not care about your needs and he’s making that clear with his behavior and that’s the part of him you need to believe. Talking to him will only ever end in half asses explanations or tell you what you want to hear, just to get you to stop talking, then go right back to how he was. You’ve already experienced that by telling him nicely and then not so nicely. He will inevitably blame you for being the way he is. Get out while you still can, while he’s still in the stage of ignoring you, women who leave too late risk getting badly injured or killed. You nor your children deserve that.

I know it’s hard, I know you feel vulnerable and your worried about your kids, but they deserve a mom whose safe, and being treated well. Please contact a friend or family and see what kind of help you can get. I know not everyone has family or friends, but that just means you need to find the strength to get tf out of there on your own. Figure out a way to work a job or even earn money from home. There’s plenty of call centers that allow you to be remote. Please don’t stay out of obligation or fear, either of those emotions is the perfect confirmation that the relationship is dead. Please don’t stay, I know I don’t have all the answers, but an answer, solution or opportunity will present itself to you if you just put yourself out there and try.

Tell him to grow up or your leaving. Tell him he has one month to fix his actions or you will be leaving. Contact someone close to you and let them know you are doing this and make it very clear that you have told your family/friend that you confronted him. If he cant get his act straight for one money, leave