Am I Overreacting When My Family Doesn't Tag Me in Photos of My Newborn?


"So I have absolutely no problem when my or my partner's family post pictures of our children, all I ask is that they tag one or both of us which I didn’t think was asking too much! Anyways my partner's family has been posting photos of our newborn without tagging us and it makes me extremely irritated, am I overreacting?"

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"Nope. It’s your child. If you want to be tagged in the post then they should tag you guys. It’s disrespectful not too. My parents and sister post pictures of my kids but they’ve already asked for permission and understand my “conditions” for it."

"No. Your child, your rules. Their biological relation to the child means nothing - the baby isn't theirs. It is YOUR child. It is your job/right to determine their social media presence or lack thereof."

"Honestly, I don't think you're wrong. It's your kid. They should respect your wishes."

"You can tag yourself if it’s an issue. I think you are kind of overreacting. Maybe they don’t know how to tag? Maybe they are just excited and don’t think about it?"

"I see why some people might see this as overreacting but when my daughter was born, no one was allowed to post pictures or even take pictures without my permission. There's all sorts of weird people out there and the internet has lasting effects. I see it as you want to monitor this. Just give them a little reminder."

"I would call and ask them did you forget to tag me when you posted the pictures of my baby if you don't know how to tag I can explain it to you and if they say no they know how then say okay I will be looking forward to seeing the pictures you post and if they don't I wouldn't give them any more pictures I took pictures with my phone when my daughter had her baby and she requested that I not post any of those pictures said she wanted them all given to her and she would decide which ones to post I honored her request I still have those pictures in my phone but I don't post any of them I respected her wishes."

"I don’t think your overreacting it’s your child they should respect your wishes. try explaining it again and if they don’t listen then don’t send them any pics."

"No. I don't like it either, simply because I want to know who is commenting and what they are commenting. Too many creeps out there these days. I want to be able to monitor these things. Someone I may not want to know anything about my child could see his picture on her profile and I'm not cool with that. It's my job to protect him. Respect my parental decisions. My husband agrees wholeheartedly."

"If that’s something you want so you know what’s being shared and who’s seeing it then no, i think it’s totally reasonable. Just tag yourself and message them and ask again that you or him be tagged in all pictures of your baby."

"If that's what you want, they should respect it. You might want access to the new picture too, he or she is YOUR baby. I would let them know that its bothering you, meanwhile tag yourself, so they get the hint. Lots of luck, Mama."

"No your baby/child your rules. You are not overreacting you are protecting your child. I don’t post photos of my children at all and I refuse to let anyone else do it unless they ask me first. It’s so easy for that image to be used elsewhere these days we should be protecting our children more. If they don’t have respect for my rules they simply don’t get photos of my child or they don’t get to see them. I’m the parent I make the rules, don’t like it there is the door."

"Nope. Not overreacting at all. After family members did this to us, after a polite message asking for a tag, I straight up requested that they be taken down altogether. You have every right to know what photos are out there of your kid."

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