Am I Overthinking My Boyfriend's Reaction to My Words?

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"Tell me if I’m overthinking. My bf of almost a year ( we were in a previous relationship that lasted five years about two years ago and we rekindled) we were in the kitchen talking, he was taking out food and I was talking to him and he was ignoring me, so I started to tickle be I just wanted some attention him he gently pushed away my hand my response was ‘ okay if you don’t want my attention I will just leave you’ ( meaning leave you alone as In I’ll ignore him and not give him any attention). His response was well you could leave inno, Get out leave. Leave tonight I’m serious! (Shouting). My response wasn’t talking about leaving you I meant leaving as in not giving you attention. He was like alright. I’m standing there stunned. Should I be concerned with this or am I overthinking? n addition to that I discovered that was in contact with his ex after I was at visiting him and she video called him after nine in the night and he told me she was just a friend calling to see how he’s going. After that incident I lost trust in him. I should I continue with this relationship? I’m so confused"

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"Life’s too short. I would leave before getting too invested."

"Sounds to me like the poster made the “I’ll leave you threat” and the BF called her bluff. Sounds like there’s probably more to the story. Either way, it sounds like both parities want out"

"Get out of there. It is time to move on."

"You really need to talk to him"

"His ex is calling for a reason. He told you to leave so he wouldn’t look like the bad guy. You already have your answer or you wouldn’t be asking here. Know your worth."

"Dump his ass!!! The right one is the one who thinks you’re too good for him!"

"If something feels off it probably is"

"Sounds like he’s got his cake and eat it too. Yep I’d done be gone!!"

"Well he thought you meant actually leaving and he didn’t seem to care and told you to go so why stay with someone who doesn’t want you?"

"Ex is an ex for a reason"

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