Am I putting my baby at high risk?

I have had covid twice and I have gestational diabetes. The more I read about still birth I worry something is going to happen as it’s more common with covid and GD!!! But my doctor seems to want me to go 40 weeks and He’s been head down for a month now but to the right not directly down in my cervixs? So I’m wondering if maybe my placenta is blocking him?? I had a ultrasound last week, but I’m just worry that I’m putting him at a higher risking keeping him in?!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Am I putting my baby at high risk?

As long as you’re taking care of your GD then its more risky forcing him out. He will come when he’s ready, but if you arent sure you can try to call around and get a second opinion from another OB.

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Your doctor is stoopid to not know that 38 weeks is full term to a Mum with diabetes… However, if you can eat sensibly and take any insulin provided you should be fine. Your baby really doesn’t need those extra two weeks though. My dates didn’t match the Drs by a week. They had my 38 weeks as Christmas Day and tried inducing me. Guess who turned up on their 38 week due date a week later? :joy:


Full term is anywhere from 37-42 weeks gestation, especially for a first baby. Due dates are an estimate and can be wrong by up to 3 weeks. I wouldn’t stress on the date they gave you, baby won’t come until their lungs are fully ready no matter what unless intervened. Most doctors will not induce a first time mom (if this is your first) early unless due to medical complications. As far as your placenta blocking baby, that’s not gonna happen. Your placenta is attached to your uterine wall up until you go into active labor, and that’s why it detaches and comes out after baby, its no longer needed to support babies life. If you have GD, the risks can be for both you and baby. As long as you are monitoring your sugar levels, following a recommended diet as best you can, and staying active, I’m sure baby will be out in no time. Some babies DO need that extra two weeks, to make sure there’s no respiratory or health complications. I know its so hard to wait, especially in the end. But trust that baby is safest where they’re at.


i’m high risk diabetic i’m 26w my last appointment my doctor said she wants me to get induced before 39 weeks i take insulin

My Dr has me doing stress tests. Same situation…you?

I chose to have an induction at 38 with my GD baby and I almost lost her. I had Polyhydramnios and it caused a cord prolapse. Baby is fine head down… it’s not going to cause an issue. If I could go back and do it again I would have waited and then maybe I wouldn’t have a c section scar

I had GD with my first and was induced 3 days before my due date. I did nonstress tests every week for my last couple of months with an ultrasound to check baby.

I had GD with my second. I delivered at 39 weeks, but it was a scheduled section (due to my first being a section as well). 39 weeks was as long as they were willing to let me go :woman_shrugging:t2: I should mention that my GD was insulin controlled as well, due to diet alone not being enough, so that may make a difference

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I was induced at 39 weeks because I had Covid a few times during pregnancy (no symptoms) & bc I was almost 37.

I had gd with both my babies and both I was told 38 weeks
Except my daughter came out at 35 weeks due to pain from my broken ankle I got at 32weeks, stress,and depression

My son was a little to the left and they still induced me and I had a natural birth. Never had Covid or GD tho

Get a 2nd opinion from another doctor, preferably one with awesome reviews