Am I Selfish for Not Wanting to Pawn or Sell My Switch?

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"My boyfriend has a car in HIS name only and is behind on payments. He job hops and moves jobs a lot, last week was my last check from my job, and instead of paying for my pregnancy doctor and buying our 7m stuff he could use (more clothes) I paid 462 to his car to keep it because I need it. Now a week later they won't accept 80$ which is what he has because his check was only 103$ He's wanting to sell my stuff to pay for his car and I said no. I don't get out or have any friends. I don't play my Xbox a lot so I got a switch since I'm more mobile with it and can play more. I don't think I'm selfish at all. What do yall think?"

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"You aren’t his ATM, he better get a job and quit being a deadbeat!"

"Sounds like you need a new boyfriend. You’re not his bank."

"It sounds like you have an infant and you’re pregnant, but your boyfriend is not contributing because he’s not making enough and isn’t attempting to get extra or more reliable work. Take your kids and go, you don’t need an adult child too."

"You need to be more selfish and make him get a reliable job and pay for his car, does he not realize how much your lives are about to change."

"sounds like ole boy needs a different job, and to learn how to show up and be responsible for his own bills"

"Your boyfriend; not spouse, not fiance. He doesn’t want to share. He doesn’t want the responsibility. Give him what he needs, consequences to his selfish actions"

"He obviously isn’t ready to be a dad. He can’t keep a job or a car how is he supposed to support your child? If you don’t want to be always selling your things to have simple things like transportation then you really need to evaluate your relationship."

"Pawn the boyfriend…life is too damn short to live like that! Oh, and take your Switch with you."

"You need to leave him. That’ll never change. You’ll be struggling for the rest of your life if you stay with him. He obviously doesn’t want to work so he’s gonna keep doing the bare minimum and leaving it up to you to figure it all out. It’s better to be single and happy than to be in a relationship and always miserable because he can’t hold down his part so it causes tension and arguments between y’all."

"He may be irresponsible but ladies people fall on hard times and have to pawn stuff and he should pawn his stuff first but if your man needs help and YOU also use that vehicle I think you should help out"

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