Am I Spending Too Much?

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"My husband just notified me he wants to take over with bills and cash in the house. I'm a SAHM I usually pay bills the first week of the month, get groceries the second week and fourth week. He thinks I spend too much on groceries... 2 weeks worth of food 3 meals a day plus everything for his lunch was $218.39... honestly it doesn't hurt my feelings, if he thinks he can get groceries cheaper I want him to. And if he can do better at the bills I want him to do that also. What I am worried about is coming home to no power, or no water... he asked me what all bills we have... seriously you want to take over this but aren't even sure what bills we have? Please tell me if I am over exaggerating? Trash and water 80 We typically use 250-300 in gas within 2 weeks pay Lights run around 250 Insurance 200 Phone bill 130 I usually prep meals for 14 days and spend around the same amount each time. I’m curious as to if he is going to cook for me…"

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"Let him do it. I am sure he will soon be handing it back over to you ."

"Tell him if he wants to go ahead but the first time you do want to look over everything to make sure nothing is missed."

"Give him a detailed explanation of all your bills. Sit him down and show him what you’re doing every week so that he can take care of it. Trust me he will be handing everything over to you soon. Especially if he can’t make it work the way you do with your smart budgeting."

"I spend that much a week for 2 people, idk what you are doing but teach me your ways"

"It won’t to hurt to have him and your seat for a little bit just so he can see how it is and how it’s not that easy"

"Most men do not understand what it takes to run a household. They work and contribute income, but don’t think much about actually running the house. Honestly, I would take it as a welcome break. Provide him a list of bills, log ins and passwords for all accounts, a grocery list based off of your two week meal planning and let him take over! If he thinks he can do it better, let him. Do you have any idea how much free time you’ll have when not managing bills and shopping? While he’s at the grocery store, instead of you, take the time and have a nice hot bubble bath. As far as coming home to no lights or water, that would be your shining moment when he proves that he can’t handle what you handle daily!"

"Let him do it for a couple of months - he will probably be begging you to take it over again."

"Everything is ridiculously high right now. If he thinks he can do better, let him try."

"They always think they can do it better. so let him. However when he finds out it’s not that easy he will want you to take it back over. DON’T do it. I have been there and done that ! When he said I don’t know how you do it… I said you wanted it now you’ve got it."

"Yeah thats not much at all for 2 weeks worth of groceries. He probably just won’t get anything or skip a lot of things. Tell him to try or ask how much he thinks you should spend. If you go over you will cut out food for his lunches and dinner if he wants to do that."

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