Am I taking breastfeeding too seriously?

I have three kids, my youngest being 6 weeks old. For my older children i was never able to breastfeed exclusively and had to supplement with formula. I dont know if i was lacking support or if i am just more relaxed this time around, but i am exclusively breastfeeding my 6 week old daughter successfully. I also have managed to store 250 ounces so far in my freezer, my problem is i am literally not doing anything else. I eat sleep and breath for my milk supply right now. I have this fear the i wont have a good enough milk supply and that every little thing will make it drop. I feel like i cant go anywhere or do anything with my fiance because i might have to miss a nursing session or pumping session. I get super annoyed when my fiance asks to use a bottle from my freezer stash because for whatever reason i feel like i have to save it all. I am only sating foods that i feel will increase my supply and i get really anxious if my baby wants to eat constantly because then I cant pump to know that I have fully emptied my breast. When we go grocery shopping, and I nurse her in the carrier, I get anxious because usually she only nurses from one side, and I pump from the other, but then I leave the other full, and im afraid that will decrease my supply. My fiance already wants me to stop because it’s basically running my life right now. I guess my questions are, does it get less time-consuming? And am i being too dramatic about my milk supply? Is it as delicate as im making it out to be? This is my first time ebf so i dont want to lose my momentum. Thank you in advance for any advice.


I think you answered your own question! It’s all about balance. Please try to avoid making your self worth and success breastfeeding one in the same! Your kids just want a happy mom, so whatever you need to do to make that happen is the right answer! Good luck mama!!


That’s 62 bottles at 4 ounces each (assuming she takes4 ounces each feeding). If she’s isn’t going to daycare, I’d think that that is a good supply to keep stashed with minimal worries.

If you continue to breastfeed on the breast each feeding and use only the stash for situations where you’re away a few hours, you’re well stocked.

But she’s only 6 weeks old, so it never hurts to have more. Just rotate the oldest with newest. Maybe donate the older milk when the time comes? I don’t know if that’s a thing?

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I threw out my entire freezer stash because I never used it… don’t make your life about pumping you still have to enjoy yourself… I barely pumped I always nursed on demand unless I went out and I’d pump and use that!


Its very time consuming in the beginning but your causing a oversupply by pumping and breastfeeding. Just let babe nurse and stop pumping. U don’t need a supply that big at all💙

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I have breastfed all 5 of my babies. My youngest is 1 and is a heart warrior. In the beginning I was like clock work waking her up to feed in worry that she wouldn’t gain weight. I would pump every 2-3hours because I was anticipating that I wouldn’t have enough for when she had open heart surgery. Long story short I had a big stash that she refused to drink because she only Wanted to nurse…your body will produce what baby needs. If she falls asleep she is satisfied. Enjoy your baby, but don’t forget your man. You will be fine. Let Daddy feed your LO. He needs bonding time and you need a break.


I’m a mom of five and all were bottle fed. It’s totally your business, but I’d quit stressing and enjoy every single minute of your little ones. My babies are 16-28 and all healthy, happy and successful, never a problem with formula. Life is too short. Enjoy each and every minute! My 4th is in college and I only have one junior left at home.


It was running my life so I supplemented. I nursed on demand when I was there (basically always) and gave formula 2× a day. Pumping didn’t work for me, though I spent hours trying (out of guilt.) Once I eased up, my whole family was happier and at peace!

My kids are 10 and 7 now and a picture of perfect health. They eat and sleep well and have a very strong relationship/bond to me, so I can now say with certainty that I made the right choice for my body and my family.

If you solely breastfeed better use the supply in the freezer for the bottle, the baby will never take the bottle. Trust me, I have breastfeed 4 children. Start using the stock you have otherwise you will throw it all away. Plus, if your fiance wants to use some from the freezer, you pump while he feeds. It helps him to gain a connection with the baby and the baby won’t fully depend on you for feedings. Stress also affects milk supply. If you stress too much, it will decrease. Relax. The best thing to keep up the supply is rest, eating, and staying hydrated along with consistency with nursing. If the baby nurses more, supply goes up. If the baby nurses less, supply goes down. Good luck!


Your milk supply regulates by 3 months and then it won’t be so delicate. If you want to stay as hard-core as you are right now, keep it up. If you want to calm it down a little, feed your baby from both breasts and use a haaka to collect the rest, then your boobs will only make what baby needs. If you do keep up the eating of milky foods though, please make sure your body is getting all of the necessary nutrients and not just what produces milk. Having a newborn is stressful and you don’t want to deny your body what it needs. Also, your stash is perfect :ok_hand: keep it around that and just replace what you use, rotating using the oldest first :heart:

I breastfed 2 children. I never managed to pump much as it took too much time. In the early weeks I was feeding the baby every 2 to 3 hours so the time in between I decided not to “waste” pumping. I did have a manual pump though, probably that made it more time consuming.

In the beginning I went through a similar kind of phase. Although mine wasn’t as intense. It shouldn’t cause anxiety if baby wants to eat more because clusterfeeding is going to happen ALOT. But I didn’t want my stash to be depleted or my supply to drop. I was producing alot. But after a short time, I had to go back to work at 7 weeks PP, I had other things to focus on. Baby was at daycare on-site so I still breastfed on demand and at home I would pump after feedings. Having a full breast for a short time will not affect your supply. If your breasts are becoming more full frequently, like after every feeding, then your body would think it needs to adjust but not just from one incident here or there. I feel like you have a bit more anxiety than I would expect after birth. Try not to hyperfocus on it. You’re doing it mama! You’re rocking it! And if after a few days you find you still can’t settle your thoughts, it may be worth speaking to a doctor about how you’re feeling. Good luck!

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Pumping and breastfeeding is ALOT of work! I did it with my 3rd as he was in NICU for 9 days. My 4th, i breastfed in a month before she turned 2. I tried to pump in beginning and I had no energy. I used soy formula to supplement when she when to care and I worked at 7-8 months. When breaked at wk I would go to sitters and feed her. If you breastfeed and pump when you should be feeding but can’t the baby will be fine. My daughter ate out of my RT side from 6 months until 2 pretty much. It was annoying to me but I continued to produce milk working 2 jobs with her in care and then daycare. Your wanting to stock up so Continue doing what your doing, until they are 6-7 months. It’s very time consuming. Mothers Milk tea was a life saver to help me produce milk. I was producing 4 ozs every pump at 3 days old. The tea helps your flow so much. Good luck to you​:pray:t4::black_heart::heart::brown_heart:

The first couple of months are hard because finding a schedule that accommodates you and your family is so hard. My best advice is to keep working on a schedule that works for you and baby, don’t focus so much on stash, pump when you need to. Let dad feed with a bottle every now and then, he needs to bond also and you need breaks or you will wear yourself out. The over-stressing about the details will effect you, your baby, and your production. Do what feels right for you, just don’t lose yourself in it. A date with your spouse, taking an hr or two to pamper yourself or take a nap is just a necessary for you and your goal to breast feed, because taking care of you is what is going to keep the momentum up to take care of the little one :blush: happy journey to you Momma

Be careful, I was the same way with pumping on top of breastfeeding. I ended up getting mastitis from oversupply. I now only pump the other breast during night feedings in case she sleeps a long time. I stopped pumping during the day and let my breasts regulate and I produce plenty of milk for my babe as she is peeing/pooping regularly and gaining weight. We are going on 4 months now of breastfeeding. Just try and relax and trust your body.

Just breath and keep a semi schedule like if you miss one one day it shouldn’t affect it i would just continue with those pumping and feeding and when baby’s get older there feeding schedule Changes my daughter some days will eat a million times and then some days not so much …just stay hydrated

I would cut back on the pumping.having a stash in the freezer is handy incase you get sick or for when you go back to work. But it’s doesn’t need to be massive. A lot of people end up throwing it out or using for a milk bath as they just don’t end up needing it. I could never get more then a few ml from pumping so had zero stash which ended up being totally fine for my situation.
Breastfeeding should be a lovely relaxing bonding time between you and bub,try not to stress yourself out with the extra pumping :heart:

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Hello mama!
I remember feeling the way you did when I was breast feeding my baby at that age. I was so anxious and I felt like it controlled my whole life. First of all, great job… Breast feeding isn’t easy and you’ve already been at it for 6 weeks! However, I do think you deserve a break and to live your life the way you want. Spend time with your fiance. Your milk supply will begin to regulate after 6 weeks and you’ll feel less engorged and that’s normal. It doesn’t mean your supply is decreasing. Breast feeding is all about supply and demand. So you normally wouldn’t just suddenly lose your milk supply over night. It really does get easier the older baby gets. For example, now that my daughter is 11 months old she only nurses 4-5 times in 24 hours. I’m all for breast feeding, but I also advocate for fed is best, whether that be breast milk or formula! Mom’s mental health and happiness is also important. What baby needs the most is a happy and healthy mama!

Girl I had the same kind of problem with my daughter. I was so worried about my family breastfeeding history and was too scared to take any advice but the best advice I can give you is to always alternate every other feeding with the oposite breast. Look up a recipe for breast feeding cookies. My friend tried it and she produced tripple then what she was without them .

To nicely put it, you are being too dramatic. Do you have to go back to work? If not stop pumping, pumping before 6 weeks can cause a painful oversupply and that’s what sounds like is already happening with that much milk in the freezer. Baby that little will more than likely cluster feed. Just feed baby on demand when he/she wants it. No food will help your supply. If you take supplements that can actually hurt your supply. Just relax and enjoy it! The cleavage club breastfeeding support group can you give some awesome advice also!

You do what feels right to you. I thought i had a good supply up with my 2nd time around and ended up having to use formula 6 months in because i used it all up. And if you end up with too much extra is stays good a year frozen and it can always be donated to those unable to produce but want the benefits of breastmilk.

You stored enough for now just let the little one empty you i did the same I will tell you she eat from one book and then the other one every 2 hrs she never went three hrs during the day the older she got the more the time inbetween grew but I threw alot of brestmilk out with her bc I was just ebf not really giving her the bottle and she was growing like crazy as long as you offer her your breast no longer then 3 hrs a clip be she still young you should be ok n stress could be worst then you food intake when I was breastfeeding and pregnant there like you body will do for them first it will even tap into your reserves to give them what they need just eat like a responsible adult not a teen who thinks mountain due and a hotpocket is a healthy dinner lol

Use that milk in your freezer for a bottle once in awhile. Enjoy life. The stress is going to decrease your milk supply.

Never breast fed either of mine. I didnt make that a priority because when they were hungry, they got fed. I didnt obsess over something small, just that they were fed. We all have lived a wonderful life thus far and didnt have to throw away time with loved ones due to it. Sorry if it sounds insensitive bit im the type who just gets to the point without having to tiptoe

Make sure you switch boobs with feeding so if you start a feed on the right end it on the left. Then pump amd go about your day till the next feed and repeat.

I would say that you are doing great. I nursed for 6 months after almost losing my milks supply and I never even got close to the amount you have stocked. I would say just to know you are doing well and that your breastfeeding journey should be about connecting with your little one and giving them a good start. Nurse for as long as you want but honestly, from the sounds of your production missing a session or pumping and letting someone use a bottle will be better for your mental health and better for your stress levels overall which will actually help you produce more. :heart: you want to do whats best for your baby but you also have to make time for yourself and other relationships to keep momma happy cuz if you’re stressed the little one will be too. You will do great and you are already ahead of me and I only quit nursing at 6 months because work was too busy. You’ll be great!


If you answer me, I’ll give you info.

I thought I would feel more like the original poster bc I wasn’t able to breastfeed my first two at all this time I’m a month into supplementing but my thoughts at first were at least I’m giving her some breast milk.
Now I wish my milk would dry up. I’m so tired of my boobs cramping, leaking, being different sizes, and having a baby attached to them. I’m grateful that I’m able to give her something I couldn’t give my two older daughters but it’s hard and I hate it. So I’m the total opposite and I just nurse my baby when my breast start to feel like they got something in them and only pump if I get engorged.

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In the beginning it is time consuming. Baby and you are still learning how to master the art of breastfeeding. After month 3 you should feel way more relaxed about it. If not, I suggest you reduce how much you are pumping in addition to ebf. You can relax a bit on trying to manage how much you are producing, as long as baby if fed and happy, you are doing the right thing. Are you planning on going back to work? Is that why you are worried about a freezer stash? Its good to have a freezer stash for emergencies. Feel free to ask questions. I ebf all of my kids. This one is baby #5.