Am I wasting my time in my relationship?

I feel lonely, unseen, undesirable, and unappreciated in a relationship! The relationship is fairly new and with a man that I truly admire as an individual as a whole. We were close acquaintances for years prior to starting a relationship so the future looked bright in the beginning. Fast forward some time later and the relationship and the bed are cold. I communicate very well and he just says he is not the type to give a compliment, to be emotional, or affectionate. I am the complete opposite, and I feel that I am turning into a stone spending time with him romantically! Prior to entering a relationship with me, he was single for many, many years. Thus, initially, I felt intrigued and special that he chose me. I grew to feel that a relationship is just a checkbox that he wanted to be able to check! He has a very emotionally demanding job, so he relaxes by playing games on the phone! I wish he got lost in me, us, as much as he does in a virtual world! We do not live together and I would like to work toward that with a significant other but he seems to be comfortable with the way things are and just seeing me once or twice a week. Pros: we are extremely loyal and trusting people, so we are able to lead social lives outside of a relationship without unhealthy jealousy, financially stable, big hearts, we both make sacrifices to make quality time for each other, he neither initiates or avoids spending time with my kid. I am the type of person who works on her relationships and I am seeking advice on how to improve a relationship with someone like him or should I cut my losses now & try to phase this relationship into a possible friendship? We are both in our late 30s and wasting time on a relationship that has an obvious expiration date is not an option for us. THANK YOU!

I honestly feel it’s time for you to walk away. Find someone who values you, or just stay single :black_heart: