Am I wrong for hiring someone to clean my house?

Is it selfish of me to hire someone to come clean my house ? Just this once . My husband had unexpected back surgery , my kids have been sick I’m sick and over whelmed it’s been a rough month for me and I can’t seem to keep up with my house . I’m usually good at cleaning it but at the moment I’m struggling. I mentioned it to my mom and she laughed at me and I told her it’s not funny that I’m struggling and not having family around since we live in a different state just makes it harder .


Do it momma! That would be so very helpful for you!!! Speedy recovery to y’all

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Where are you located? I do private home cleanings

No, do it if it’ll be helpful for you! Don’t feel bad. I get a cleaner once a fortnight and it’s worth it.


Not at all! We all need help sometimes and there is nothing shameful about that.

Your mum needs to clean up… her attitude :smirk::sweat_smile::joy:


It’s your money, your house, your life… NO ONES opinion matters, NOT even your mother’s… hire someone to do it monthly or even weekly if you want and can afford even daily… who cares what other people think. It’s not their life and if that makes you happy and makes YOUR LIFE easier then absolutely do it with a smile on your face and a glass in your hand…

I pay someone to wash my hair lol I’ve also had people clean my house… why… because self care and because I can I’m an adult and make my own choices and spend my own money how I want and it’s the best thing in the world to not give a :poop: about other people’s opinions…


NO! You do you! If you want that cleaning lady to come every week and can afford, you do it! You do what works for you. You have to put yourself 1st before you can take care of everyone else. If a cleaning lady helps you struggle just alittle less, then hire away! Your mom doesn’t sound nice or even worth a phone call

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Nope, if you can afford it then do it! You already had a hard enough month. Let someone else handle the cleaning for once. No sense in piling more things onto yourself when you are already stressed and probably really wore out.


Absolutely. And you will feel much better once it’s done. I wouldn’t have them come while your all sick though. Feel better and speedy recovery to your husband.


Have someone clean for you. Self-care is very important.


Absolutely not, I pay someone to come clean 2-3 times a month just when Im overwhelmed and struggling. It honestly helps and then I do a better job keeping it up.


Nope, I was going through depression and hired my friend that does an amazing job and need some cash. It was a win win

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I have someone clean mine bc it’s a book house and hard to keep up with two young kids.

Absolutely OK to reach out for help with cleaning.

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Hire the cleaner. It’s totally worth it.

Do what makes you feel better

If it’s in your budget do it…

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Absolutely not! some people don’t want to clean, some people cant physically clean and some people dont have time to clean! it is what it is. nobody else’s business. your Mom sounds like a jerk.

I used to hire someone to clean my house at least once a week, it’s not selfish or anything. I have 5 kids, and my husband is always working so in order to tend to my children I need help sometimes


I wouldn’t feel bad or like it’s wrong!Having a messy/dirty house when you’re not used to that is taxing on a person so I would think of it as an investment in your mental state. But if you have someone come for a 1 time clean it will most likely be a higher cost since most companies consider it a deep clean :slightly_smiling_face: If it’s in your budget I’d say go for it.

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No you’re not being selfish sometimes a person needs a little help once in awhile. Even as a professional cleaner there are times I wish I had help because I’m looking after 2 houses plus all the cleaning jobs I get. Hire someone to help you clean even if it’s just once it will help you.

It’s your house, who cares what anyone else thinks. There’s a reason there’s cleaning companies…
We have a cleaning company come in once a month. We’re actually going to start having them come every other week because we love it so much!


Not selfish at all. Both my partner and I work full time + 1 have a second job. We have 4 kids + 1. All the kids are in extra activities. We are busy busy. I have a house keeper deep clean once a month and then I just have to maintain

You do what’s best for you don’t listen to anyone there’s nothing wrong with getting help


We all need a helping hand from time to time. It’s not selfish at all. Especially since your partner is down from surgery and can’t physically help you. Just make sure to hire someone you either know and trust or someone who has references you can check. Lots of crazy things going on these days so the extra caution would be smart.

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Nope. As long as you aren’t paying a cleaner in place of a bill and putting your family in a bind financially, then its not selfish or bad. The world has made it a norm for women to push through illness and sacrifice health for a clean house. On the flip side it has become the norm for men (and working women) to sacrifice their health for their job. Regardless it shouldn’t be and everyone needs help. If you dont have friends or family then hire someone for help. Thats like saying daycare is selfish because its not family watching your child and you pay them. You’re fine hun. Focus on you and your families health

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Its like your asking for permission. You don’t need to explain yourself or feel bad for needing help to clean. Being a parent is overwhelming sometimes and i personally think you should just chill. Your only human its normal to have a helping hand especially with everything going on. I hope you all recover it’s horrible when everyone in the house is sick x

I am retired and not as strong and energetic as I once was. I have someone come in once a week. Don’t care what anyone thinks.

Not at all!
While my husband was gone for a year I badly wanted to hire someone to clean for me.
Just simple tasks nothing like a deep clean.
And no we are in a new place, I am still thinning about biweekly help. I am a stay at home mama who homeschools.

Nothing wrong with a little help!

Girl do what’s right for your family. If you need to hire a cleaner hire one. Never feel bad that you acknowledged you need help . Mom’s rude for laughing

It’s the same as going out to eat instead of cooking for your family. You need a break. If you can swing it. Go for it. Why feel guilty. A clean house makes you feel good.

You really ran to social media? If you need help you need help, there’s nothing more we can tell you to help you, you know you need the help so girl do it! We all got kids we know exactly how it is to fall behind. It’s not permanent. Hire the help! You don’t need us to tell you that sis :heart: and you also don’t need your family if they don’t even care about what you’re trying to tell them. There should be no reason anybody especially a mother should laugh at someone else for asking for help!!! You don’t need them around

Um absolutely not… I’m 40 and able and I have someone come as a luxury to free up more time in my already taxed schedule. Do it girl… treat yourself… and don’t tell your mom. It’s none of her business anyway!

Wellnivguess if she thinks it’s silly to get someone, maybe she could.come do it :rofl:

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Just do it. It’s nobody’s business. Instead of laughing she should of offered to help.

My mom would have been on a plane to help me! She would have been the cleaning lady! Do what helps you

Girl do you. If you need to, then do it and don’t feel selfish. If I had the money I’d do it all the time. I hate cleaning

It sounds like you’re far too grown to care about an outsiders opinion on how you run your household. Stop

Do what works for you, it’s no one else’s business and there’s no shame in asking for a little help. Hope things get easier

There’s no shame in that! Do what you need for your own physical and mental health mama.

No! Having a cleaner is the best! We have cleaners come every other week and we’re dying for my hubby to get a raise so we can have them come every week.

Not a thing wrong with it. It’s nobodies business but yours.

Absolutely not. There’s cleaning businesses for a reason :heart:

do it
i would weekly if i could afford it

If are financially able to do it,go for it.

If you need help,ask for it. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do. It’s your decision. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I have help. I’m only 35 now. You need help get it.

Your mother laughed at you?:pensive:

If you need help, just make the arrangements. It’s no different than ordering take-out when it’s been a week, and something’s just got to give.

As women there’s way too much pressure to carry it all, all the time.

Much love and hugs!

Edit not that it matters what we think ((even your mother).

As I recall there was a time when I was a kid that my own mother had paid someone to do this as I recall.

I’d give my left arm to have someone come in once a week to do it.