Am I wrong for how I am feeling?

What do you do about the resentment you can feel as an isolated SAHM with a spouse who leaves for work everyday? I sometimes become a momster and am grumpy with the kids because of this…

Feelings are feelings. You are allowed to feel what you feel. It is how you handle those feelings that is important.

You are an adult, you need to control your response to your resentment. Your children do not deserve to suffer the brunt of your resentment.

What you can do is to meet up with other mothers for play dates so the Moms can socialize while the children play. Moms can trade off babysitting for each other thus freeing up an afternoon to relax, take a class, practice a hobby, etc. Use your imagination.

What should your spouse do about feeling resentments about having to be the sole support of your entire household? Your spouse is not going off to have fun all day. He or she is working.

Or you could get a job, hire a nanny or babysitter or enroll the children in daycare so you are not stuck in the role of stay at home mom.