Am i wrong for protecting children from narc bipolar ex?

Ok so i need advice on this

Currently divorcing my narcissist ex husband. He has been physically and verbally abusive our whole relationship. 16 years. Got wayyyy worse in the end because he had a manic episode and was diagnosed bipolar. Hes been bipolar for 4 years now. Hes also a mommys boy and would involve his mother in our marriage. He wouod always make me out to be the bad guy, because I wouldn’t tolerate his disrespect and abuse, so i was the problem. His mother would turn around and tell her whole family everything he told her, but twist it and make it worse. She would say “my family will never forgive you for the hurt you caused” excuse me? Last I checked this was a marriage between me and your son, not your WHOLE family. We have 3 kids together and hes been communicating through our eldests phone shes 15, with the other 2. Because i cant talk to him. Every time its an argument or trying to unload his problems on me which i dont have to deal with anymore, they only end up with him verbally abusing me. So ive blocked him. Now hes having a manic episode again this year because for the last 4 years he keeps taking himself off his meds when hes doing well and supplementing with weed until the next year comes and hes manic again. The last year was insane he ran from the cops for a week, was threatening people with knives, put his hands on an elder, stole his brothers car and said he was going to kill them and theyre kids, because he refused to take the pills his brother had to give him. Him and his mother fully believe that i am the cause of these manic episodes. We left him last year while i was pregnant with our 3rd, and he tried to take me for custody of our kids while manic. I won of course. He tried all this year to get me to come back i told him we were done. We were getting divorced. I also told him i wanted to prove that his manic episodes are bipolar caused and that the next time it happened i nor the kids would be anywhere near him. Sure enough it happened and he was angry because i was right. So what i need advice is right now hes been manic for a week and a half. Not sure if hes taking his meds because his fb posts have been insane, so i doubt it. Im not
Talking to him because he gets 10x worse with the abuse and our daughter has blocked him as well because as the oldest she has witnessed the verbal abuse not only while hes manic and she is traumatized. His aunt called and wanted to know if our daughter had him blocked, i said yes. She doesn’t want to deal with him while hes manic she’s traumatized from the other times. She said well i know she loves her dad, (i know thats not the issue, so why mention that) maybe have a talk with her. So i did and she flat out said she does not want to talk to him while hes manic and im
Not forcing her. Our son can call
Him from our house phone. Am i wrong for keeping our children safe from his abuse until he gets himself back on his meds?