Am I wrong for speaking to my ex behind my husbands back?

Me and my husband, I am on shaky ground. We’ve come to an understanding about what we feel for each other, but IDK if we’ll get a divorce or not, but my question is, does anyone still talk to their ex? My ex has recently been in contact with me after two years since we last talked (my ex is not the reason me and my husband are having problems) anyway my ex is just a friend right now he lets me talk he asks me about my day he listens he texts me goodnight an good morning it’s just little things that make me feel like he cares you know? But my husband doesn’t do any of that I’ve asked him to a lot on several occasions, and he’s probably done it at least 1-2 times in our going on four-year relationship (only married for about six months so far) anyway my husband doesn’t know I’m talking to my ex I’m sure he would take it the completely wrong way and I know it would open up a big can of worms but if there’s nothing to hide no romantic feelings no sexting no flirting (i am 200+ miles away from both my husband and my ex) we just talk I swear, but he does make me feel better I just wanna know am I shitty person for talking to my ex behind my husbands back ? should I tell him? please no bashing


I don’t have to read anymore than, behind my husbands back, to tell you, YOU ARE WAY WRONG! Anything that is hidden from a spouse is wrong, PERIOD!


Remember he is your ex for a reason! How would you feel if your husband was doing this to you? Honey pray and work on your marriage. You both take a vacation spend time together. Wish you much happiness.


It’s easy to fall into the same ole same ole especially when the ex is making you feel better than your current husband . You would not be happy if the roles are reversed why not tell your current husband how you feel or not feeling but you by no means should hide anything from your spouse period ! Sounds more like you are seeking attention that you feel you are not getting at the home front! :facepunch:

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If you haven’t been married a year in most states you can get an annulment saves you from having to be in a loveless marriage considering you and him are having these issues it’s best you leave before things get worse

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You should be talking to your current husband if you want to save your marriage. Always be open, honest, loyal and truthful. Ask yourself why your ex wasn’t so understanding and caring when he was your current.

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Reverse the roles. Would you want him to tell you and if it’s going the way you say. Then just be honest. Atleast you’ll have a clearer conscious? :four_leaf_clover: best of luck :dove:


It was wrong of you to speak to your ex. I speak from experience. I lost a good man because I checked in on an ex to see how he was doing and how his son was doing. I failed to ask permission from the guy I was dating, and I completely was selfish in the situation. It’s been nearly 3 years, but I still regret talking to the ex.

Perhaps your husband is having issues because he doesn’t feel that he has your complete attention and love. You need to put all that focus on your husband and fix your marriage.


Ok first yes your wrong for doing that your allowing room for another man to over step boundaries. Hes an ex for a reason and ask your self why your ex couldnt make you feel good while yall were together second if you’ve been together 4 years and your husband prior to marriage didnt put much effort in before yall were married why go ahead and marry him to begin with. Not to mention if you feel your marriage is some what broken why allow someone else to step in and make you feel important you should be putting effort into communicating your feelings wants and needs with your husband not entertaining another mans text. It is ok to have friends of the opposite sex but an ex should not be one of them unless you share kids together. Stop looking for people to say yes its ok and start putting energy and time into your marriage fix it before its to late and yall end on bad terms.

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Clever don’t wanna not a good idea there’s no honesty if you keeping it from your husband

I still occasionally talk to my first ex husband…I get along really well with his wife as well…my second husband the only time I talk to him is when it concerns our children. My husband that I’m now married too knows about both my ex’s and he doesn’t care.

I mean if your questioning yourself then yes. How would you feel if the rolls were reversed? Just think of it that way because it may be innocent and y’all just be friends but if your husband finds out he won’t see it that way especially since you kept it from him. Good luck hun


After my last divorce I went to counseling and that helped me in so many ways. Cheating isnt exactly having sex. By talking to another guy you are cheating even if its just texting. I think you see what you are doing is wrong. If you aren’t happy divorce and move on.


My ex and I got divorced in 1975 and still talk. Her children always called me daddy Bob. We have always respected each other.

Well you cool if he does exactly what you do?

So why is he your ex?? Reason?

why did u leave your ex to begin with,start there

That’s ho shot DNT tlk to your ex …and especially behind yo man’s back

Yes you are 100 percent

You should feel shitty! You’re a married woman texting with your ex behind your husbands back… He’s your ex for a reason… You should be focusing on your current marriage not a man from your past! Good morning/ Good night texts from your ex sounds like flirting to me… if it wasn’t such a problem and innocent like you say why are you hiding it… You already know it’s wrong… And your looking for validation to make you feel like it’s ok… Smh…

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