Am I Wrong for Thinking Kids Shouldn’t Be Cussing?

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"Is it just me or are kids cussing younger and younger these days…what happened to the days of cuss words being bad words and kids being respectful around adults and toddlers? i went to the park today and these kids were throwing around curse words like it was normal so i had to take my toddler and leave so her new favrotie word wouldnt be the S word…what happened to parenting our kids people? do better…"

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"There’s a lot more to worry about than swearing. Get a grip"

"Seriously? Your complaining about swearing? Kids are going to hear it one way or another. Get a grip already!"

"I’m less concerned with my kids saying asshole than being assholes."

"They are just words. They won’t hurt you. Calm down!"

"My kids are told they are adult words. They are not allowed to say them until they know how to use them and until they understand how hurtful those words can be"

"Bullying is far worse than cussing."

"They are just man made words. We made them profanity."

"Lol kids do a lot of stuff when they’re parents aren’t around, that has and will always be a thing. I’ve taught my daughter that those are adult words and I haven’t had an issue with it."

"I agree that kids shouldn’t be using the language, but we can only try to control our kids when it comes to that. My kids know bad words, I use them more regularly than I care to admit. But they don’t say them back. That’s a good teaching moment for you. I’d say “now you hear those kids using those words? Those aren’t kind words.” Your kids are going to be around it and there’s nothing you can do."

"I think it’s a family choice. My kids are allowed to cuss inside our own home and not at anyone. I would be a hypocrite if I tried to do anything else because I cuss worse then a sailor. There are bigger hills to die on, is this the one you want to pick?"

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