Am I wrong to ask my boyfriend to get life360?

Am I crazy for asking my boyfriend to use Life360? Does anyone else use it?


I share my location with husband and grown kids. It’s a safety thing for us.

Me and my bf use it because my truck isn’t reliable, breaks down a lot and I have no sense of direction to be able to explain to him where I’m at :joy::joy::joy: idk the name of roads but I know what road it is if that makes sense :joy::joy: I also use it so I’ll know when he’s on the way home from work to start cleaning etc. :joy::joy:

My fiance and our kids and grands use it to make sure everyone gets to and from work ,school etc safely and when we travel if we get separated we can find each other .

My husband and I have it. He is a mobile locksmith so he goes a little bit of everywhere and we have it just in case something happens while he is out i can get to him.

Our whole family use it it’s great

I use it for my 13 year old daughter but I’ve never thought about making my boyfriend download it.

i use it for my kids. my husband and i share our location through our iphones

I have it, got all 4 kids on it plus my partner, my sister and her partner and my oldest niece :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: it’s more so we can keep an eye on kids and us adults don’t have to send texts updating where we are and how far away we are when we meet up :joy:

My husband had me download it 2 years ago not cause we don’t trust each but in case something was to happen we would know where to look first.

Our family (husband, my mom(79), 13 yo and myself) uses it.

My whole family and all our boyfriends and stuff use it mainly for safety and concern so
I think if it’s for the right reasons no your not crazy .

We do, since my husband is away a lot, helps us get the dogs out before they wake up the kids. He did ended up cheating so that’s also part of it.
However he doesn’t have to it was up to both of us

I have it on my kids, mom, dad, and husband, but I wouldn’t use it for a boyfriend unless it was a long term relationship

It depends on why you want it

We use it here. Even the dog knows what the notification means now lol! Either Daddy is home…or the kids need to help Mom with the groceries. :joy:

My fiance and I use it but he’s OTR so it’s nice to see where in the country he is.


My husband and kids are on it :woman_shrugging:t4:

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We use it because my husband a tow truck driver so I know where he is if something was to happen

I don’t have that but my husband and I share locations. He’s not a big phone person at all so I mainly use it to see if he got to work/ made it home etc. If you’re gonna use it for the right reasons he shouldn’t be against it unless he has a reason.


We use it because we always used to say we got to work safe or got home safe and it takes away the need for that. You don’t wonder if the one you love got in an accident or something. I have nothing to hide about where I am and neither does he. We hardly look at the app and check up on each other :woman_shrugging: I use it to tell how close he is to home to time dinner in the oven sometimes. It’s a useful tool but if it’s being used because you don’t trust your spouse it’s not the reason to get it. It’s the reason to think about leaving.

I use it for my kids, not my husband

Depends on your reasoning for using it

My husband works out of town states away and I don’t have him use it. I have it on my teenage boy’s phones.

Depends on how long y’all have been together, if you live together, and why you want it. My husband and I do not have it but I do have OnStar with crash detection in my SUV and on my phone for whenever I am driving my truck so my husband will get an alert if something happens but I have medical reasons for this being necessary.

I have it for me & my husband has it. I like having it for him because of health issues. He’s been diabetic since 2009, 2017 he had to switch Dr’s. The one he got stuck with because of his mom, he didn’t want because because he’s a quack. The dr messed with his insulin, lowered the dosage. He didn’t know he was low. Had an appt, was so out of it, he ended up about 30 miles from home & jumping a culvert in a slough. He said someone was looking out for him. That’s why I go Life360

We are a family of 5 (Dad, Mom, girl 19, Girl 16 and boy :sunglasses: :sunglasses: we all have Life360 for safety reasons!

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I think it’s very common. My kids have their friends on their own circle. I have a circle w my single friends etc. it’s just the way it is now.

I’ve never even heard of this app. While I don’t care whether my boyfriend knows my location or not (it shouldn’t be a surprise where I am, lol) I could see useful information like the crash detection for him and if we were afraid for the other’s safety for some reason. Honestly not a bad idea.

Yes I think that’s crazy. No we don’t use it

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Umm that’s your relationship. You do what you need to do. I use it with my husband and daughter so I know where my food is at😂


Unless you’re worried about his wellbeing/health for some reason… yeah tbh, it’s kinda crazy if you’re just using it cuz you want to keep tabs on his location lol

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Not wrong , if u have nothing to hide you hide nothing

My family has life 360. Are you asking him because the world is nuts or because of insecurities? 
It’s a great app and we love it

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I like it for the simple fact of if my best friend and I didn’t have it, I wouldn’t never gotten a collision alert and knew that she was involved in a car accident. Same with my step brother.

Also, if you pay for it, you can get hard brake alerts and other things, like SOS, which you hold a button and it calls 911 automatically for you. Same with car accidents.

My boyfriend and I use it, not to just stare at each other’s locations but for the safety aspects. Women can never be “too safe”.


My hub and I share locations through the iPhone app, “Find My”, which is free. And we’re both set as each others emergency contacts on our phones, so if one of us (God forbid) gets into an accident, we’ll be alerted and given a location.


We use it and it has actually been extremely helpful on more than one occasion. We’ve found lost phones, are able to know if either of us have been in an accident, and there was even a time where paramedics called me because my spouse was in trouble, but they didn’t give me any location to go to because we were all rush rush

Honestly, it entirely depends on your intention behind wanting to use it

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Didnt kmow something like this existed. And now i know, i still wont use it.
If im concerned about anyones safety and they have a phone, ill simply call them

I use it with my kids. My husband and I don’t share our location. No reason to

If you’re using it as a control tactic to track his whereabouts then yes. But if you’re doing it just for you guys know where everyone is at incase anybody gets into accident or stranded flat tire etc then no you’re not wrong. But I use to use it but now we share our locations indefinitely on our iPhones or I check my sons Snapchat lol (cause that’s definitely active 24/7)

If this is a trust issue- Life360 wont solve that.


Idk what life 360 is but we all share our location on the find my iPhone app. Like I tell the kids and my sister, everyone, this world is too crazy to not let someone know where you’re at and also my husband drives a lot for work and my anxiety tells me he might not make it home… biggest fear with him and my oldest kids. People drive like a bunch wild animals. Also I have their emergency contact set set up so if anything happens I’ll hopefully find out quickly. Just puts my mind to rest.

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All my family have it, I also pay for gold membership so we get free breakdown cover too

I’m not even going to lie. I have 11 peoples locations. 2 of them being my kids and 1, my boyfriend. I wanna know where everyone is all the time cuz I’m nosey. There. I said it for anyone who didn’t want to. I’m tracking you, and you and YOU. even my MIL I’m like why aren’t you at work today :face_with_raised_eyebrow: my best friend - why are you in yuba city so late on a Thursday :face_with_monocle:. Idc :rofl:


That means you don’t have trust in your relationship. Why be with him?


We use it for safety reasons. It will alert you if the person is in a car accident as well.

I use it with my children but not hubby.
What is the reason you want him to use it? If it’s trust, you’ve probably got bigger issues to deal with. If it’s purely a safety thing and he understands that than it shouldn’t be a problem.

What? O no, I would leave you if you asked me for that!

That’s how I found out my now ex husband was cheating. He kept turning it off and back on. And had stupid excuses for why. We originally downloaded it for safety purposes. His idea. I guess he wanted to keep tabs on me but didn’t want me to know where he was!

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It will only cause you problems and grief

If you are asking this you don’t trust him anyway and the relationship is already over. Move on. If I was dating someone and they wanted a way to track me that would be the end of our relationship. I use it with my son but no way would I expect another adult to be tracking my whereabouts.


He doesn’t have to, why do you want him to? Lol


Just a heads up…Definitely not reliable or accurate

Before my adult son got with his girlfriend we had 360 on each other. I didn’t care where he went or whatever. My worry was he’d get into a crash or someone would kidnap him. He did get into an accident. If you want it for that purpose then it’s upto him if he wants the security of someone being able to send help. If you’re wanting it because you think he’s cheating just dump him. Once trust is gone the relationship is over. In either case be aware it’s not accurate. When my son was in the accident it showed that he was at a truck stop for hours. A truck stop about an half hour from where the crash happened. He called me from there after. It also showed him driving through lake Michigan. Not around it, through it.

I’d never use it. Why do you need a tracking system? Is he a lost package? A risk to himself? A risk to others? Mentally unsound? Those are the only things that should be tracked and traced. Every moment you make online is recorded. Do you really want your every personal movement permanently logged?
I personally don’t evenike bringing my flip phone anywhere, thst tracks and traced enough. Smartphones and evil apps like that are the exact reason why. I’m a grown adult, not a lost package or a harm or risk to myself or anyone. So no, no one needs to know where I am, when I’m there, how long I’m there. And trust me, I’m boring I’m a single solo mom. I work and mom. That’s it. No secret life. No one to cheat on or cheat with. No one cares where I am, for how long or why. Leave the poor grown adult alone and focus on your control issues.

My husband and I have it because we both ride motorcycles and we were always so nervous seeing on Facebook there was a rider down check your peeps that how we do it

Only if your partner is happy with doing it just because you adked doesn’t mean they will agree with it if they don’t then you’ll need to drop it they obviously don’t want to do it it needs to be something you both agree on not just one

My husband and I have it. We also share location on our phones. It’s not about being nosey, it’s a safety thing. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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