Am I wrong to ask my in laws to get tested?

Is it really that horrible to tell my mil to get to tested once they get back from vacation tomorrow. 4th vacation in months and after every one I made sure they got tested and 2 out of the 3 vacations they managed to get covid so damn right I am going to keep asking you to get tested before you see any of us. My husband thinks it’s pointless but I don’t care

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It’s up to you if you want them tested before coming to see you/kids. It’s up to them if they will. But don’t let them tell you No if you feel strongly about it. And I agree with you. :yellow_heart:

Pointless, I agreed with your husband.

I think at this point your being ridiculous, weather anybody went on vacation or not , you can be exposed anywhere you go. Do you make everybody you come in contact with to be tested,. Probably not. Sounds like your jealous because the get to enjoy vacations and you can’t, . You need to stop living in fear.

I agree with what you are doing

Pointless!! Just be responsible. If your worried just tell them you won’t see them for a few days.

I know way to many people who have tested and it showed negative and they had Covid and even a few few positives as well. If your going to catch it your going to catch it. Just use safety protocols. Washing hands etc

Have you all had covid yet? If yes then you’ll know it’s probably not a big deal and it’s just a flu