Am I wrong to feel inseucre after finding out my husband searches up girls?

Is it wrong for me to feel insecure? My husbands search history is viewing womens pages on Facebook? Just feeling maybe I’m not the one he should be with…


I mean it could just be people from highschool and curiosity


Find someone that is looking you up on Facebook :joy:


You have the right to feel whatever the heck you want


No your not wrong for feeling that way he shouldn’t be searching them up


He should never make you feel insecure

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Maybe have a chat to him about it and ask why he is doing it. I have looked up people from my high school days befor just to see what they have been up to. Never want anything to happen with them but curious whos lives went which direction after school :man_shrugging:t2:


Do you mean famous people or people you know?

The question is…is he the one you want to be with…NO! WHO CARES WHO HE WANTS TO BE WITH!!!

Your feelings are valid- but you should be able to ask him about it too. Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. Good luck to you.

You are not wrong but talk to him as to why xx

I felt like that too. Was always insecure. It made it worse when they did that. We have every right to feel insecure we have feelings too. Would men feel like that if we did it to them.?! I know some guys wouldn’t like it, they shouldn’t do it to us. Even had men like other women pictures. Stuff don’t fly with me lol.


Or…maybe he finds other women attractive AND loves you
We are allowed to be attracted to others, it’s what we do with that attraction that matters

You’re entitled to your feelings but this really needs to be a conversation with him.

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How do you know who he is looking up? Spying on him? Sounds like there’s no communication or trust in this relationship. Could be innocent enough. Won’t know until you talk to him. Don’t snoop if you’re not ready to face the outcome of what you find.


Your husband is the one that should be feeling wrong


People don’t just find one person attractive.

Life is kinda short to be with dudes who are problematic. I’m guessing this isn’t the only thing that’s an issue. Just a tip of the iceberg. Normalize leaving dudes who don’t treat you like the gotdamn queen you are. We thrive after.


Keep in mind FB newest update now has peoples profiles you click on under the search bar too. It’s no longer just people you search specifically. But anyone’s page you click on.

Is he searching girls or women?

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Maybe reevaluate your relationship with your husband. I’m not sure but in most cases this will lead to infidelity. He wouldn’t be searching women if he wasn’t planning on going further.

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So clicking on a profile is totally different than intentionally searching. If you go to recent views and click on “search” those will be the intentional searches. My bf and I have 100% transparency and both of our lists are full of women and men because we get bored and nosy and will be scrolling and just clicking on pages lol it’ll be his buddies new wife, etc. I wouldn’t think too much of it.

I guess it’s weird first that you are checking his searches. On Facebook both my husband and I are friends with people from high school both female and male. Has he given you a reason not to trust him besides what you just said?


Insecure? Get mad, real mad!

Nope this is just bullshit men really should think outside their own shitty behavior and realize how this effects the self esteem and emotional well being of their partners, he should be an ex and you should find someone who worships the ground you walk on, who will take your feelings and everything into account. Your mental and emotional state are as important as your physical health.

Why you going thru his phone, let them live until it is brought to your action and then you react., but again if this is happening, is he the one! NOPE!

If you have to search his searches and come to a Facebook group, you already know the answer. NEXT!

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