Am I wrong to not going to my daughters graduation because her dad is there?

This is your daughters day and I can only imagine how upset and disappointed she’ll be if you’re not there for her. You in no way have to engage with your ex but you should also not show him how much power he still has over you. Own the day and be there for your daughter

You are VERY WRONG. It’s your daughter’s GRADUATION for goddess sake!! This is an extremely IMPORTANT milestone and something that you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO ATTEND NO MATTER IF THE DEVIL HIMSELF IS THERE!!

This is not about you but about her. What you would be doing is punishing your child over what your ex did or did not do. Your feelings about your ex overshadows her special day. Shame on you!!
Go be with her and do NOT let him ruin your day. Your feelings are irrelevant in this situation.

Yes!! you should go this is her special day, when she gets married are you going to refuse to attend that too?

You will be making a major mistake by not going to her graduation. She will never forget it. There’s no law that says you and the dad have to see each other or even be in the same space. You can sit as far away from him as you want. Your daughter is more important than your anger at her father. Put on your big girl panties and go. If he should try to start something anyway, walk away. Don’t stoop to his level. Don’t embarrass your daughter.

Some of these people have no idea what it is like to be in your position. Where you have an ex in your face screaming, where you have to call police to an event and they literally follow you just to start an altercation. The judge finally put an order where my ex had to stay 1000 feet from me. But to do that takes time and money and several incidents and police reports. Chances are he might not go but then he may knowing you will be there. Ultimately the choice is yours. I would go just take pepper spray and when he starts just call police like the minute he opens his mouth. Or you can choose not to and while everybody’s at graduation be preparing for her celebration afterwards.

Not your daughter’s fault that you and her dad can’t seem to act like adults and get along
You can’t control what others do but you sure can control what you do
Your daughter worked hard through school to be able to graduate
Celebrate her and stop being selfish

You are a grown ass woman. If you cannot be with your daughter at one of her biggest milestones in her life you don’t deserve her. Will you not also attend her wedding? Grow up anc put your big girl panties on! You had this child together there will always be these times. Don’t hurt your daughter!

As a person whose parents can’t stand to be in a room with one another I can tell you not having a orient there because of their selfish reasons creates an unforgivable situation. I will never forgive my other parent for not showing up to any games, tennis matches track meets graduation weddings etc. ask yourself, if you were in her shoes how would it feel?

Grow tf up, her graduation is about her, NOT you!!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

My mother showed up at my graduation with her boyfriend of the time who I hated and begged her not to bring. Because I was upset that she brought him anyway and then FORCED me to take pictures with him, she decided she was just going to leave before watching me walk across the stage. Let me tell you, that was almost 20 years ago and it still effects me. If you don’t go to one of the most important events in her life because you can’t be in the same building as your ex (no one is asking you to sit with him), then you don’t deserve to be in her life period. And believe me, she will remember this.

WRONG WRONG WRONG The question is do you truly love your child or not?
Look what happened to the four college students, that were savagely, brutally, slaughtered, murdered by a mad man don’t you think they (LOVE) to go to a graduation. You are being selfish, hurting your child child LEAVE THE PAST IN THE PAST YOU will never get this chance again. Take someone with you to make sure he stay’s way from you. Don’t let him WIN<

You need to be there. It’s not about you it’s about your child and what she has accomplished

This is about your daughter not you. This is one of the biggest days of her life and she needs you both there. Do not make her day about you. Can you imagine how she will feel to not see you there cheer for her.

Sorry but YES YOU ARE VERY WRONG. I’m not saying your feelings toward her father aren’t valid as I am going through the same with my sons father BUT this day is about your daughter not you or anyone else and honestly if you miss this big moment in her life over this she may never forgive you. Be the bigger person ignore him if you have to. But for the sake of your relationship with your daughter do not do this to her. My parents are the same way and I promise you will break her heart if you don’t go. So yes be a grown up and put your differences aside for a few hours to support the child that you chose to bring into the world. I hope you make the right decision and everything works out but please don’t be selfish think of how your daughter will feel if the only parent she knows isn’t there for her big day. Even if she says it won’t bother her I can 100 percent promise you it will and maybe for the rest of her life

Honestly that’s beyond petty and selfish. That day isn’t about you. It’s about your daughter walking which is one of the biggest things as a teenage and if your not there for that your absolutely the bad guy. Get over yourself, it’s her day, not yours and if she chooses to invite her dead beat dad let her, he probably won’t show anyway. Don’t miss that. You’ll regret it and she’ll probably hate you for it.

Yes. You are wrong. Sit across the room. Turn around and leave if he starts something. Show her she’s more important to you than he is.

Your giving him exactly what he wants to be the big man, father of the year. You need to think about your daughter, not yourself.

My dad did this and it made me so upset. I have now gone on to have children of my own and even still he will not show up to their birthdays or anything because my mom is there. Please do not put your poor child through that.

SuSuper selfish! Your daughter’s graduation is about her and her achievements, not about you.

You have to be there for your daughter, regardless of whom will be there. Graduation is normally big enough that you can make it so you don’t run into him. This is her special day which means the most important person, her Mom has to be there. Don’t disappoint her. You will regret it IMO. Best wishes

Your daughter is only graduating once from high school! You will regret it for the rest of your life if you do not go. You don’t have to sit near him but I think for your daughters sake, you need to be there. She would be heartbroken if she looked into the audience and doesn’t see her Momma!!