An elderly woman touched my baby in public

It’s not mean to tell anyone to not touch your child if an old man touched your 5 year old you’d say something same rules apply I’ve told many old people nicely when they don’t listen no problem telling them to fuck off lol

Oh good grief it’s highly doubtful that a tiny touch to the babies face is what caused them coughing up a storm. You decided to take them out to Walmart where there’s thousands and thousands of germs. You touched a cart you touched items you picked you touched everything else and guess what those items those carts etc were touched by lots others. Your children were exposed before Walmart anyways trust me illnesses don’t shown symptoms just overnight. If you’re so worried about your children being sick then stop taking them places. Kids will get sick that’s life.


So far fetched. Your children are not sick that fast from an elderly lady talking closely to your baby . And if you felt that strongly about it and you’re not going to stick up for your children then who is ? Order pick up and leave the rest of the population to mingle.
I bet anything that interaction made that lady’s week . When you’re old and grey I pray you never feel the loneliness 90% of our elderly population does now a day.


Yeah, it wasn’t the grandma that made your kids sick. They’d already been infected by this point. Viral sicknesses have an incubation period where you gain the germs but aren’t symptomatic and then bam, you wake up one day showing them.


No use crying over spilled milk… Chances are your children would have ended up sick anyways the flu , RSV and the common cold are all wreaking havoc across the country according to my grandkids doctor amongst adults and children but the numbers seem to be higher specifically amongst children this season. You took them out in public, germs are unavoidable. All you can do now is whatever is necessary to take care of your babies and get them healthy again. Best of luck, hope they’re well soon.

You think your kid is sick from something that happened last night? :joy: your kids probably got the old woman sick, not the other way around lol.


No cold had that short of an incubation period so it didn’t come from the old lady. You can stop feeling guilty. They were already exposed to the germs well before that.


Just carry a spray bottle with water in it with you and just spray the next person in public who touches your kid and scream “No! Bad doggie…”. That’ll get word around town real quick for ppl not to get near you

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It takes longer than 24hrs to get sick. Your kids were already sick :woman_shrugging:t2:


Germs build the immune system. Yes she shouldn’t have touched your child but you can’t protect her from all germs. Even at the store you touch everything on the shelves handled by multiple people then touch your child. Js.


But the carts you use to haul your kids in is okay :joy::joy::joy:

She isn’t the reason your kids are sick. Yea what she done was wrong, but this isn’t her fault lol


Sounds like you need therapy. For real…

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From a spiritual standpoint… :nazar_amulet:

Maybe your kid had already been exposed to something. Seems a bit fast to suddenly be coughing.

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Doesn’t necessarily mean the coughs are from the elderly woman.

Your children didn’t get sick from her and most likely they have actually infected the old lady.


I agree, they were probably already sick. A coincidence. Also a learning experience to speak up and say no.

They wouldn’t get a cough from 1 touch :woman_facepalming:t3: they was already sick.

Get them t-shirts that say look but don’t touch.

Chances are your kids were already sick. Thats way to short of a time for all those symptoms especially if the lady wasn’t coughing all over your kids. Its that time of year where kids get sick :woman_shrugging:


Your kids we’re probably already exposed to illness before the elderly lady touched your baby… just saying.


I am so sorry your baby got sick. Highly doubt it was from an elderly lady who probably raised 6 kids of her own,She wasn’t trying to upset you I’m sure. I hope the elderly lady did not get sick from touching your child.


People used to be nice to one another. That poor lady probably mistook you for someone who wasn’t a paranoid psycho. Bless her heart.


While I completely understand everyone’s fear of viruses and such, i still have to say I’m thankful for those who allow or at least don’t freak at those lil ladies who are just overly loving. Because my nanny is she. She loves little ones and means no harm but she’s always saying hi and holding a littles hand. And not that it matters any, she’s a germaphob too but she doesn’t think about any of that when she sees a little one. And bless her heart, I hope no one ever yells at her for it. Even if they nicely ask her to not touch that’s okay I suppose. But I just wanted to say that. Incase it helps your guilt any. Thank you for allowing her that quick min of joy because she’s someone’s nanny too.

Children are tough. I doubt the lady got baby sick. Never let anyone do anything to your children that you are not comfortable about.

I thi k uou just bei g mean and selfish and your kids didnt get sick because of thus lady, the tears you wanna shed sjould be of shame

It definitely takes longer then over night to show symptoms… that lady was probably just searching for a little happiness. :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging: your kids were definitely already infected. They could have gotten it touching a cart, a door handle, day care… you name it… it happens.

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I had to be mean and tell a nice elderly woman not to touch my son. (21 months and 35lbs) She said she adored chunky babies and was trying to squeeze his cheeks and stuff but I had to intervene. My boy was getting over covid slowly and for her own safety I had to say no. Now I just tell them for THEIR safety to stay away. (2 and under can’t mask up either)

Blessing that your children feel better. And for the kindness you showed to the elderly person not necessarily caught from her

RSV is going around bad. The cough your kids have is not from that old lady, way to soon.

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Sounds like you have serious control issues! Most people know to ask before they touch your children but you can’t stop anyone from ever touching them, life happens you cannot control other people’s behaviour! I’m sure it brought her so much happiness and all you can think of is the worst.

How on earth could you know that is why your daughter is coughing ?? Most likely you made that older lady’s whole day. Little children brings so much to all our lives . You gave that lady a great gift. One more question how on earth do you know that lady is coughing???

I highly doubt they got sick from a face touch the night before. That usually takes a couple days to develop. And next time speak up.

It was likely innocent in nature, with the world today we tend to automatically put up a red flag with people even if they are good people. Im sure her intentions were pure and if she was elderly, she most likely doesnt think about the personal space thing bc back then we didnt have to be so wiery about people. Obviously you have a right to not want someone touching your baby, but just to ease your mind, it most likely was harmless. Secondly, if the woman touched your baby yesterday and your baby is coughing today, it wouldnt have been from that old lady, viruses take a while to show symptoms and your child most likely already had the bacteria/virus from 3-7 days prior. Everyone preaches to “be kind” but when people are kind, we disregard them and always take it for “being strange” seeing ur baby probably made her day and she wanted to approach u to tell u how adorable ur baby was. She didnt follow u home or anything lol :laughing: now that would be creepy.
But i do understand not wanting people to touch ur child, i just dont think older people think of that bc they grew up in a different generation where people would consider that flattering or a compliment to their baby. I would do what others suggested on here and say “oh dont get too close my baby just got over covid, or got over the flu, or has been blowing chunks all day etc” to keep people at a distance.

We believe it’s better for the people to touch the child’s head than just stare at them. Cause if people just stare at the child than they get el ojo(a Spanish belief) & the child is cranky all day and night unless you do a Spanish saying & rub egg over them.

This page serisouly makes me wonder if this shit is real or if people make these scenarios for attention. Are people really this dramatic of over the stupidest things.

It is insane how many of these comments are defending the woman touching her baby…

You positive she got it from the old lady? They could have gotten from you.

That woman didn’t get you or your kid sick. Quit playing the blame game like you’re a victim. You sound ridiculous. She’s 3 and germs are everywhere. Do you believe the only germs in that store or anywhere else were on that ladies hands?

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Get used to it girl. Your kids are going to get sick. It’s a natural part building an immune system. You don’t have to allow anyone to “touch” your kiddos, but you’re being overly dramatic about them getting sick.

I have elderly people oh and awe over my little ones all the time. It makes their day! Your children didn’t get sick from her. They are more than likely to get sick from touching the disgusting buggy used to do the shopping. Chill out. Let your kids touch stuff, play in the dirt and all that good stuff. They need to build immunity.

They uh. That’s not from her last night :pray: rest assured it’s from another encounter likely 3-4 days ago :slight_smile:

Your three year old or the hundreds of people at Wal Mart gave your child the cough- not the elderly lady. The onset of a cold is 3-7 days, so she again did not get it from the lady at the store.

Lady, with ALL your respect, you are very ignorant and mean. I am seventy eight , When I see a baby I melt. All my life I adore babies , they are Angels to me. I never touch them but it would make me very happy if I could. In April I am going to be a grandma for the second time and I am so happy that I can’t even believe it. ……
Thank you :pray:
And May God Bless You.

You’re a dumbass. They’re sick because you took him to Walmart. LOL “Elderly” are just used to being friendly.

Lamont J Hicks the one day​:sob::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

That is exactly my response too. No need to be rude, kindness is the key.
Children/babies pick up germs all the time from filthy stores, or just outside with thousands of People walking about that could be sick.
If you don’t want anyone touching your babies face/feet etc, just tell a white fib and say they’ve just suffered gastro! If they persist, then be more firm and say please, I’ve asked you nicely, don’t touch my child, I’m trying to protect her/him from unwanted germs, as I said, they’ve just got over gastro which is extremely contagious, I do hope you don’t now catch it!