Anniversary gift ideas for husbands?

What do you gift your husband for your anniversary? I want to do something special but honestly don’t even know where to start…its our 5th


A good BJ will put a smile on his face


My husband and I set the expectation from our first anniversary that we would not exchange gifts on any anniversary. Instead, we take an anniversary trip each year.

Sometimes that trip is just to the next town/state over, for a Saturday night in a hotel and dinner at a new restaurant. Other times, it’s a week long trip to the coast or somewhere that we’ve never been before.

We enjoy traveling and exploring new things and places, so this is a win-win for us. Plus, it gives us a little bit of time, where work, kids, pets and daily responsibilities are kind of out of sight/out of mind and we have uninterrupted time together!

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Honestly you don’t need to give him anything but your time. Maybe a nice card. Up until the last few years we have always gone away for a weekend for our anniversary. When our boys were young they would go with butcas they got older we went alone. If you can’t afford much just make him a nice dinner.