Any breastfeeding moms hungry all the time?

Any other mom breastfeeding that is hungry 24/7 ?!I swear im hungry all day, I dont want to gain weight so any recommendations on what to eat?


Yes, I was hungry, all the time!

It is normal. You need the extra calories to produce more milk. Also make sure you are drinking alot of water

A lot of people say breastfeeding feeding burns calories and helps you lose weight after a few months! It helped me with both of mine! Eat mama! The only time you have an excuse when you’re pregnant and breastfeeding!

Yes I’m hungry all the time.

Eat good healthy foods and try to stay away from the bad stuff

Super normal. You need the extra calories. If you try to cut calories your supply could go down and it might be harder to keep weight off because your body will think it’s starving it self dm the the nursing and calorie cut and try to hold onto fat.

:joy::joy: Girl I was breastfeeding twins and ate 6 pieces of chicken one night. :joy::joy:

Yep and gained so much weight :pensive:

Stay away from anything with flour, sugar and oats. They make you hungry quicker. Eggs, meat, and greens are what you want to focus on

Totally normal! It’s actually recomended to snack when feeding because your babes is literally sucking the calories out of you as they eat. If you’re worried about what your eating try keeping healthy snacks available, carrots/celery other cold veggies/fruit you enjoy. Veggie chips and rits crackers are what I enjoy. And yogurt bars.

Unfortunately if you wanna keep your supply up, you might gain weight. I did. Once I was done nursing I was able to get it off pretty quick. You retain fat while you nurse in case you don’t eat enough, the milk will pull from there. It’s just how a woman’s body works. People say you lose weight when you nurse but honestly 80% of women gain and retain weight through the nursing period. But it also depends on your genes and body make up as well. You need to make sure you are eating enough and nursing often. Lots of water.
I gained about 50-60lbs nursing my baby. Was probably close to 220lbs when I was fully done. I am now about 140lbs since September.

Oatmeal, whole milk, yogurts, cottage cheese and canned fruit, lots of meat, avocados. I’m breast feeding my second and omg the hunger kills me. Lots of coconut water!

More thirsty
Always so thirsty

Nursing actually requires more calories than pregnancy so totally normal. Try to stick to more healthy options when snacking of course but you want to make sure you’re eating enough healthy fats and things and as long as you aren’t just constantly eating junk food you most likely won’t gain too much, if any, weight. A lot of people say they lose weight during nursing but just depends on your genetics. I generally lose all my pregnancy weight fairly quickly but then can’t really lose any more until I wean.

Your body could be craving nutrition.
May I reccomend Beef liver capsules? Beef liver is one of the most nutritionally dense foods on the planet and has bioavailable ingredients that are quickly absorbed. Also Cod liver oil is a natural source of vitamin D, omega 3’s, and vitamin A.

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