Any kids go through growing pains?

Has any of you moms kids went through growing pains? If so, what did you do or use to help with the pain? I see Hylands 4 Kids has a dissolve tablet for kids that’s for leg pain. My son is 9 years old.


My mother used to put warm moist towels on our legs, or a hot water bottle. Always worked for us. She raised 4 girls like that.

Warm Epsom salt baths before bed, motrin sometimes if he was really bad. And I would just sit and rub his feet and legs. My son is 10, 11bs, 5’2. Wears a men’s 8.5 shoe. He’s recently started complaining more with his feet hurting. I don’t know if it’s the shoes or growing pains, cause it’s just his feet now.

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Magnesium cream on her legs helped a lot

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I gave my 2 Motrin or Tylenol and extra cuddles if needed.

I had growing pains as a child and they were horrendous. A heating pad will relieve the pain a little, but mostly it’s just something you gotta deal with. If it’s any consolation you can tell your child they’re gonna be nice and tall and able to reach stuff on the top shelf :rofl:

Elevating legs with pillows above your heart

My son has them occasionally out of my 3 kids he’s the only one that wakes up in the middle of the night crying in pain I give him some ibuprofen and massage his legs til he falls back asleep