Any mamas have side effects after a glucose test?

Any mamas on here that had side effects after glucose test? Im having heart palpitations & my chest feels heavy. It started about 30 minutes after drinking the drink. I asked my doc before I left the appointment & they said probably just anxiety but it’s been 7 hours since, it hasn’t gotten any better & It doesn’t feel like anxiety to me.


I had mine tested that morning and then was up at 12 that night throwing up. Happened again with my three hour test. Same times. No idea why but it literally made me sick after all day. It was literally red stuff. Id definitely get checked out!

I would head up to the L&D.To me,it does sound like anxiety but,its better to be safe then sorry.I hope you feel better soon.My panic attack last nigh,made me feel like this.

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I always have a bad reaction from those! Makes me sick to my stomach, makes me dizzy and have a massive headache! My heart was racing as well


Probably just a good idea to not have waited 7 hours later and gone to get it checked at urgent care at least…

They always tell you it’s anxiety. They told me me the same thing 3x when I had tachycardia and come to find out I had a silent infection.

Your glucose levels are probably swinging around from having to fast and then drinking liquid sugar. My advice would be to eat some peanut butter crackers or eat a PB&J and drink a Body Armor Flash IV. The PB and starch will help level with the sugars and the body armor has lots of healthy electrolytes. Then, go lay down and relax. Maybe take a warm bath. If it’s not better after an hour or 2, I’d go get checked out.