Any moms been told their baby had enlarged kidneys?

Any mom’s been told their baby’s kidneys were dilated in an ultrasound? I had my 20 week ultrasound and doctor said they babys kidneys were enlarged and ordered a follow up. Just wondering if any others mom’s also experienced this?


They said that about my boy. I’m 25 weeks now and see a specialist on monday for more imaging.
My dr said that it’s more common in boys and that when found in the 2nd trimester usually fixes itself before birth. Worst case scenario is the baby will have to be on antibiotics for UTI’s for a while after birth.

Good luck momma

My daughter did but she got them checked after birth and everything is fine🙌

When I had my youngest, (20 years ago) they did an ultrasound and discovered my daughter had a narrowing of the tube between the kidney and bladder. It has a name but I’ve forgotten it. Anyway, they did a couple CT scans after she was born and they decided it would fix itself. She had her last checkup at 18 months and everything was the way it was supposed to be. Hang in there…I remember how paranoid I was. I worried the rest of my pregnancy. But I have a very healthy 20 yr old college student.

My second kid had enlarged kidneys. Ultrasounds once a month for her first year, then twice a year until she was 4. Urologist and nephrologist appointments also in her first few years. “Higher risk” for UTI’s and kidney infections, but she never had one ever. Frequent urination, and lots more drinking required because her “too big” kidneys would filter it out faster than her body could use it. Also, still a sometimes bed wetter at 7 years old.

My rainbows (7th pregnancy) kidneys looked too big at 18w. They did another ultrasound at 22w and it cleared up. My 3rds kidneys the doctors worried about even after birth. We seen a kidney doctor for a few years but was only monitored. We never had to do anything other than the extra appts.

My son had dilated kidneys, found at my 20 week scan. I was told it is a very common finding now, considering how advanced ultrasound technology has become, and that it usually clears up. Worst case scenario was that he would have to be checked after birth or monitored as he grew…higher risk for kidney infections or UTIs. I had follow up ultrasounds and by week 36, everything was normal. :slightly_smiling_face:

My son is 2 weeks old and I went through this when I was pregnant with him. You can pm me if you would like

Not to say this is your issue too, but my genetic testing came back positive for possible Turner syndrome. I am 17 weeks now and they told me a sign of it was kidney issues such as being enlarged. So they were watching her for that amongst many other signs and so far she has nothing wrong, but I didn’t know her kidneys could be affected until they told me about it.

My son did. He is currently 4 months old… they said “hes probably in a weird position” when during the ultrasound… they werent concerned but if I wanted to, I could have them do an ultrasound after he was born. I REPETITIVELY asked the doctors/nurses and they did nothing. Told me there was no cause and he was healthy. I went home. Fast forward… hes two weeks old. He wasnt peeing, wouldn’t eat(couldn’t relief his bladder to eat more)… dropped WAY below his birth weight… high fevers… I brought him to the ER 6 times and was sent home before someone realized what was going on (my first baby, I was naive in thinking the doctors knew what the f*** they were talking about)… he was barley alive…all of his electrolyte levels were bad… had a UTI… spent over a week at a different hospital (had to get life flighted to the children’s hospital because he could of began to have seizures) to find out he had a Posterior Urethral valve… had his surgery and has been a healthy happy boy ever since. We have to do ultrasounds until hes a year old to make sure the trauma his bladder and kidneys went through didnt do enough damage to not function properly… My little man was poked and prodded like you wouldn’t believe because I didnt MAKE them to the ultrasound when he was born… who was I to not trust the doctors… sharing my story just incase you see any similar signs to catch it before hand… leaving out most of the scary stuff, obviously our story is horrible and not very likely… trust your instinct mama.

I did with my boy… it didn’t end up being anything at all.

Yes with son extra ultrasounds turned out fine

My son was born with one kidney and he is 7 now and has 2 kidneys. Second one started growing around 2 yrs old.

My sisters baby did! Her kidneys went back to normal before birth! She had more ultrasounds than normal and they kept up with it!

Yes. Repeat ultrasound a few weeks later and they were normal!

My daughter is almost 5 months. They told me she had enlarged kidneys after one of my first ultrasounds and I had to go to a specialist for a few different scans. Then they said it was cleared up, and my last ultrasound before delivery they said again it was enlarged. After delivery she had an ultrasound on her kidney and it was fine. They said typically once they start actually using the kidneys they clear up.

Yes. My son did. They noticed it at his 20 week ultrasound. We had extra ultrasounds, saw specialists and had to see a specialist for the first two years. Thankfully we never had any issues and he no longer have to see a specialist unless he starts having issues.

Yes, second ultrasound came back normal and and 3rd just had more urine in it again, but my dr. Said it could just be he hadn’t peed again

Yes, but at the follow-up ultrasound everything was perfect.

My son’s kidneys were dilated. It’s really common from the hormones, especially in boys.

My son had dilated kidneys at my 20 week ultrasound. Seen a specialist throughout rest of pregnancy. Kidneys remained dilated. At birth they did an ultrasound on him and sent us to urologist. He has what is called “kidney reflux” for simpler terms. Its where the kidneys are not draining quick enough, which could leave them scarred, which if scarred too bad would make them not function at all. He is almost 4 now and has been on an antibiotic daily since birth to help prevent infection. Thankfully he has gone from a stage 4 in both kidneys down to a 1 and 2. They believe he is outgrowing this condition with age.

My son did and I was sent to WIC center where they said he had sisk on his kidneys they diagnosed him with polycistic kidney disease I had him just fine and at a yr old they removed the kidney that was much larger than the ultrasound showed and now he is almost 7 hasn’t had any problems out of it and he is healthy dose t get sick easy. He is a happy healthy growing boy

I did, I had a 3 week hospital stay and they knew my son would come early. They did a ultrasound of his heart while I was in the hospital and they said one kidney was bigger than the other, but once he was born it was fine. I intend on keeping an eye on it though, as I have recently been diagnosed with kidney disease, and I’m praying there isn’t a connection.

My daughter had one dialated kidney pre-birth. She is 5 now, we have been watching it yearly. She is almost done with her check ups. All is fine.

My 3rd child had this picked up at 18 week scan , when he was 6 weeks old he had surgery to both urethras and stents put in well then had the stents removed again at 6 months old and is now a healthy 15 year old boy , no more renal issues at all

I had it as a baby and so does my current pregnancy. Its a genetic condition they want to keep an eye on! It was caught early and should go down on its own. Sometimes it goes down before the baby is born and sometimes it doesn’t mine was caught late, I was 3 and it took until I was 14 to go away, nothing serious as long as it has been caught :blush:

I did with one of my kids. I had her and they did an ultrasound when she was like 5 days old and it went down to normal… It’s actually common, according to my doctor.

Yes and it corrected itself during birth

My sons were… 4 years later his kidneys are normal but his uretor (idk how to spell it) is still big so we just have ultrasounds every year. It hasn’t bothered him or caused any issues