Any other mamas get SSI?

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Just curious if any other mama’s have tried to receive or do receive SSI (supplement security income) disability for major depression, anxiety, PTSD? Any of those and how hard was it to get approved. I’ve dealt with it since 2014 tried every medication possible in 2014-2016 nothing worked and terrible side effects, but I was able to function for a few yrs. In 2018 it got real bad I quit my job of 2 yrs And tried starting other jobs but end up breaking down and quitting. I ended up pregnant with my 3rd baby and gave him up for adoption in November because I can barely mentally take care of the 2 I currently have, because the depression is so bad. I feel like I have enough medical records to support my claims but I feel like they wont believe I’m really impaired enough to be disabled.


If you have a documentation of serious mental illness with a psychiatrist or therapist for an extended period of time it’s very hard for them to deny you

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I got it for a while for post partum depression because my doctor felt i was u fit for work but only for a few months then they felt not working was more harmful than good

My mom had to fight them for 3 years before being approved for SSI, and she suffers from seizures amongst other conditions. Repeal after repeal after repeal with her doctors recommending repeatedly that she be approved.

PTSD and depression are two of the easiest to get approved with


Apply and go from there

I’m not trying to be judgmental but isn’t it better to be employed and be around people while severely depressed? I can’t imagine staying at home with my kids all day long and overthinking things.


I’m on SSD. I got it on first try. I have Bipolar 2 and Borderline personality disorder. Having doctors behind you is a big help.


My fiancé’s sister is on this. It was VERY hard for her to get it and she’s never had a job in her life because of it. I think if they see you could hold a job for two years that you’re a lot more stable then you think and they’ll just deny you. Maybe I’m wrong, but where I’m from you have to be absolutely incapable of doing almost anything in order to receive SSI for that.

Im currently going through getting disability for a neuromuscular disease. I will tell you it will be easier to get a layer from the start. I also have cronic depression and thats something they do take serious especially if it interupts your daily function of life.

It’s very hard i been trying for 5 years my back was broke at the age of 18 and my chronic pain has got wrose over the years and my main nerve on the right side of my spine is thinning out due to the broke back the doctors said i could be prylized on my right side by the time im 40 and i have depresseion and still fightimg to get it

I dont know what country your in, but it sounds like you and many others like you have to learn to be self-sufficient with your illnesses and stop relying on only western medicines for relief. I know far too many people like you who continuously depend on western ideals for almost everything, and they need you to stay that way. Up to you, continue fighting against the giant capitalist neoliberalists, or fight for your life and seek alternative. Plenty native americans around, they know their stuff.


I know people with kidney failure and congestive heart failure due to lupus that can’t get approved for SSI…then they apply with anxiety and depression, approved.

If you have
Insurance that company will have a social security advocate to work on your behalf

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45% of medications don’t work for mental illness because they’re literally guessing based on your symptoms. Have you thought about getting a SPECT scan to see where the issue lies to treat it 100%? I would look into it. I feel like you’re quality of life will be better treating it then just dealing with it.

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I tried 3yrs ago and was denied. It was my drs idea. He told me that it would be best for me. I didnt do the appeal process tho. I just accepted the denial. I had documents from so many drs going back to 4th grade (I’m now 35) but they still just said no. It sucked.

It’s very simple to apply go to your local Social Security office and you ask for an application you take it home and fill it out you also go to your psychiatrist and any other doctor you’ve seen neurology and get reports from any depression medication treatments you’ve been on and put them all in the packet in the mall in when you return your Social Security application have your doctor discuss or write a form about any treatment plans you have this will better assist you I’m getting your application accepted also you can call a social security disability lawyer it will not cost you anything unless you win and they will take a percentage of your check you also get back pay if you apply now and then 8 months from now get approved you will have retroactive for 675 for 8 months and you’ll get that check all at once out of that check Social Security will take a chunk out of it to give to the lawyer that helped you when your case the number is 1 877 21213 have them send you an application if you want or you could pick up at your local Social Security office

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I remember the rule is if you have a situation that causes you to miss at least 3 days a quarter. Even then, get a lawyer. It’s seems like any other way is impossible.

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Get a lawyer that only charges if you win. I have SSI for numerous autoimmune diseases and I was denied 2 times. Don’t stop applying/appealing it. They will almost always deny the first application, but because they did it twice to me and then I got a lawyer for the appeal, they owe me almost 20k, which I’m still getting back payments for along with monthly payments.

I got mine first time but mine is breast cancer

Get a laws keepe trying