Any other mamas have a low lying placenta?

So this is my third pregnancy, and I will be 14 weeks tomorrow. Due to my last pregnancy, I had a low lying placenta, which it’s raised by 30 weeks and hypertension blood pressure. Well, now my dr is wanting to keep an eye on this pregnancy, which is fine, but my main concern is the low lying placenta with them finding it this early. Any other mommas had the low lying placenta? If so, did it rise before you were to even due to push vaginally?


I have a low lying placenta. I’m 25 weeks and they said they will evaluate again at 32 weeks but a majority of the time it moves as your uterus grows so I haven’t been too worried about it. Worst case scenario is a c-section.

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I had low lying that moved 2 months before delivering only to find i had a rare case called vasa previa that was total fatal. Rare but i suggest your trust your gut as far as looking into it goes.

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I had that n mine moved up I had a normal healthy full term baby girl

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I had it with my second child, my doctor monitored it all the way up to the end of my pregnancy, at 40 weeks. It never moved up, but I was able to carry my daughter full term, but had to have a cesarean delivery. I had another baby 7 months ago, and did not have a low lying placenta with that pregnancy.

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I had a low lying placenta with my second pregnancy i was having a csection anyway but it did move up with no problem.

I’m 17 weeks tomorrow. 3rd pregnancy. Doc said it’s from having previous pregnancies so everything is kind of loose inside.

Had low lying placenta with my 3rd and 4th, 3rd didn’t move had to have a c-sec, 4th it moved and had vaginal delivery x

Yep I went from complete to partial to low lying snd then it movef back to being complet again i bleed every single day of my pregnancy from it snd it eventually put me into early labot where I started hemorrhaging at 34 weeks and had to be delivered

My placenta was low for both pregnancies and it did end up moving up later on. Both times they moved to the front, I think it’s called anterior placenta. Both babies were born healthy, just long ass deliveries (pushed for 2 1/2 hours with my daughter). I also had them both vaginally.

My first was low and ended in an emergency c section.
Now 31 weeks with my second and my placenta is high and out of the way.

It moves up as your uterus grows mine was low on last pregnancy and moved up. They’ll check at next scan and continue to check if need be you’ve got plenty of time yet

I had one and it ended moving by my 39 week. They checked again before my scheduled c-section. Just keep an eye out on bleeding and if you go into labor go straight to hospital

My was low and it ended up moving up. I delivered him vaginally.

Mine was low and I got the green light to deliver vaginally at the last ultrasound before my scheduled c section! It can definitely move as you grow.

I am following someone on instagram and she is currently going through this, hers was found to be low pretty early on and today she has been booked in for a c-section in two weeks time (37 weeks she will be) because her placenta hasn’t moved and is blocking slightly.

I think three of my four were and they just naturally went up on their own long before I was due

I had one can be fairly normal. It will move itself and dont worry about trust in your ability to grow your baby and it will naturally grow upward. I did particular yoga to help the movement but be sure to research it first. Goodluck love. Take a good pregnancy supplement eat well tissue building diet rest and water…

2 of mine were like this…they moved up and my babies were born safe and healthy…and they were both even VBACS :slight_smile:

It will move itself i had the same issue placenta previa,…mines moved by itself. And i also have hypertension as well. I’m at 32 weeks now

Yes at 20 weeks mine layed low around 26 weeks it moved itself. I’m now 38w3days

Yes. And yes. Low lying placenta is common in early pregnancy.

I had the same thing when I was pregnant with my now 5 month old it moved up. So I was able to have him natural.

I had placenta previa completely covering the cervix. C-section at 37 weeks

I had low lying placenta with my fifth kid they seen it at 18 weeks did another ultrasound at 22 weeks and it had raised up

I had one and it moved upward as the baby grew

Im 18 weeks prego and was just told at my last visit that my placenta was so low that its laying on my cervics. Im also considered a high risk pregnancy as it is. But The doctor came in and told me that it should move up in next couple of months but if it doesnt they will have to do a planned c- section