Any other mamas sick right now?

Any other moms sick right now with sick kiddos? Me and my 2 year old have the flu and I’m miserable while she wants to get into everything. Any other moms going through this with me

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My son has been sick since November 10th. His teacher likes to travel all over and always comes back with some sickness for her and her kids then passes it to all her students. So we have had the flu, rsv, bronchitis, common cold, pneumonia, strep and something doctors can’t identify. They have thrown every antibiotic and steroid they can at it, as much as they can for a ten yr old and the teacher doesn’t understand why everyone in her house and just her class is out every other week sick. It’s been h*ll and expensive for meds, appts, days off work and school. Several parents have tried telling the teacher but she just giggles and says that can’t be it!

I am the Gigi but I get sick all the time . I have a weakened immune system. I feel your pain . This will get better for you as the child gets older and builds his immune system . Hang in there