Any other mamas super sensitive to touch while pregnant?

Do any other pregnant moms get duper touch sensitive? Like my legs get touch-sensitive to the point that I cant have anything touching them. Of course, then my son wants to crawl all over me and throw a fit when I make him stay away from my legs. It literally will make me cry from being over stimulated. Idk what to do about it.


Oh no I thought it was just me and my mom told me it was an excuse to keep my husband away from me😟. When I’m actually I don’t want to be touch or do any movement cause it hurt so bad even the muscle relaxers don’t do anything anymore. Few more weeks and it will be over.

I know what you mean as I’ve had a mild case of it while not pregnant. I would try to see a Chiropractor to see if it alleviates it. Since the spine repositions as the baby grows the vertibre can touch or pinch nerves. Also I started having seizures during orgasms about 5 years ago and my neurologist said it could be caused by a majority of the nerve endings being in the pelvis and having 5 kids it moved everything around down there and making them more sensitive so I wouldn’t be surprised if maybe the baby is just literally “getting on your nerves”. :sweat_smile:

Talk to your doctor about it. But that was one of my first signs of fibromyalgia. But I wasn’t pregnant. Maybe it’s the way the baby is positioned

I did in the first trimester for sure !! To the point of don’t touch me here or there or I’ll punch you (I did) and wanting to be touched elsewhere … It’s crazy how it happens… I couldn’t imagine with another child on top of it. I’m just here to say you’re not alone and I wish you the best !!

I had this issue before being pregnant this 2nd time. I know mine is due to I have had 5 back surgeries and need another one. After years of keeping track of the discomfort, it seems to be related to when my sciatic nerve seems more compressed. I have loss of feeling in my leg due to some issues and the best way I can describe it to anyone is that it is almost like when your arm or leg falls asleep and someone runs on it but times 100 so it is a very disturbing feeling. I am almost 26 weeks and notice it is getting stronger. Not sure if this is the kind of feeling you are having or not. When I get a pedicure, they can not rub my legs or I want to scream. If it is, the best solutions I have found are warm baths with Epsom salt, I have to actually sleep on my right side with knees up toward my chest, not sit on the floor for too long, not stand without supportive shoes or it makes it worse. It seems to be mild as long as I baby my sciatic nerve all I can. Also, had to build up core strength helped. Wish you the best

No, but I get really bad “restless body”- literally my whole body is uncomfortable at night when I try to go to sleep- I finally fall asleep after a few hours of tossing n turning, but its mainly cuz im exhausted!